Namaste I conquered Yoga

I know it doesn’t mean much to others but yoga wasn’t one of those things that was on my radar. Nothing against other yogis, I just lacked the understanding on the benefits of yoga and knew that my lack of flexibility wasn’t something I never wanted to put on display.

So how did I get out to a yoga class? Simple, I’m branching out and trying new things and the other is I’m apart of Mocha Moms the Philadelphia chapter. So I grabbed my yoga pants and a tank top and ventured out. I’m telling myself yes more and taking a lot more chances.

One of the first things I noticed was that it wasn’t hard. The poses were manageable. This could be because it was an introductory class. Now that doesn’t mean it didn’t take effort because it definitely did. It moved muscles I didn’t even know I even owned let alone used. So although the poses didn’t kill me, I felt super sore afterwards. My whole body felt like I had died twice. I do believe and see why people add yoga to their workout regimen. One it’s super calming and the other it’s a great way to stretch the body and I will need that for my run in the am.

I felt the most relaxed in a long time. Our instructor was amazing coming around and helping us perfect our pose.  This was soul yoga so a lot of the class was working on our balance in mind, body, and spirit. I felt like I had time to pray while I took the class and lay some things that was on my heart while taking the class. Of course I enjoyed the poses. One of the things I loved was there was a flyer that I can’t seem to locate that said practice what you do in yoga class outside and I took that to mean the calmness, understanding what I need. 

There were a lot of affirmations given and used throughout. That was my favorite part. Although we had a pretty descent class our instructor made it clear that we are not in competition with one another. We should practice for ourselves and that’s what I loved the most.

I will take another class in the future but just don’t expect me to be on a speed run. It wasn’t my stick.  Is yoga worth a try? Absolutely. I think above all it is an awesome stress reliever as well as a great component towards self-love. Give it a try for yourself! Don’t be fooled like I was it is indeed a full body work out. Take your water because you will need it just because you will be in your zen doesn’t mean you can just breeze through a class. My walk back to my car reminded me to never judge a workout by the images you see on television or the movies. Yoga ain’t for the faint but anyone can accept the challenge and make it through. 


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