Sunday Message: When the Love doesn’t Match!!

You know you can wear mitch matched socks for awhile until something happens and you get caught. On the very day you were trying to be incognito you trip or fall or something happens that reveals you were out in the streets with them on.

In love you have to match one and the same and I’m talking about more than just romantic relationships. Sometimes it could be the friends that you think are ride or die and in the end you find that you simply got used to poor treatment and what you believed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread could really be just one sided. Life is too short to have relationships, situationship, marriages, friendships, etc that don’t serve both parties. It’s not fair. It’s like being in a sexual relationship with someone where only one is satisfied and the other isn’t. What part of the game is this? How draining and underserved is that?

You realize that more and more people are not allowing the past to dictate their lives or their happiness. Don’t even let the present drain you the same. Having someone in your life that doesn’t add up or make sense is a reflection of you. You can make the excuse of what another person is doing but realize that YOU are just as much in control as the person you want to give power over your happiness. You gave it to them they didn’t take it. They didn’t strong arm you, you willingly let them set up shop and handed them the keys of happiness. As soon as you realize you have the power but don’t go through with what makes you happy, you look like a toddler having a tantrum. Sitting there doing the give it back dance. Take it back. Walk away. Realize you don’t match where you want to be and start taking one step towards it.

How many people are walking around with Mitch match lives. This is why it’s important to align yourself with the right things and people. You look like responsibility but you act like you don’t give a damn. You want to attract great possibilities but you act like negativity is your middle name. It doesn’t match. It’s like when single people have a laundry list of all these great attributes they want in another person but they themselves don’t own none of the same qualities. You don’t match.

Get clear today what you want. Then go through the areas of your life and see who doesn’t belong. You should be getting what you put out if not you’re not matched and need to separate and go your way. It will hurt. To tell you it won’t would be a lie. However as you shed if you’re open the right ones will come into your life. So yes Mitch match anything can serve you in a pitch like when days when laundry isn’t done but you know like anyone you eventually need to do the laundry and have the right garments on to look better than you did when you had the wrong items in your possession.


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