Thanksgiving 2017: Break a Few Rules

So I really do hope everyone survived Thanksgiving especially for the readers that asked for advice. Not everyone was surrounded by love sometimes they are surrounded by dysfunctional family or friends and getting through may have been the only goal. However you spent it I hope you made the best of it.

I did a bunch of running around even though I had gotten off work early on Wednesday. Once home I started straight into cooking. Growing up my mom always cooked no matter who’s house we were set to visit. One reason is so we could always have our own personal dinner and get together and two so we could have them good left overs the day after. I kind of liked this tradition and I do the same.

So after the preparing and cooking, on Thanksgiving we decided to pull rank and do our own thing. We ate dinner for breakfast. I know a lot of folks do this the day after but we did it on Thanksgiving morning. It was fun, good and we did it while we watched the Macy Day Parade. Talk about a great day?! It was so much relieve from the norm.

After that we put our Christmas tree up, got dressed and headed to the movies. Yes the movies. I’ve heard of folks doing the movies on the holiday but I had never done it and it really came down to why not?! Why couldn’t we have a relaxed day with one another? So we did. We ended up seeing The Star which is about the birth of Jesus. I loved it. The kids were I really interactive with the movie and it made a great time. Also the soundtrack is amazing FYI!! And if you have younger kids like 3, they will be fine. It has enough action to keep them fully engaged. It also allowed my own 3 year old to ask questions afterwards too. It’s not stuffy and as an adult I would see it without the kids.

Oh and for another new thing we decided to have bacon wrapped turkey. I know a lot of folks that don’t eat pork and generally I do turkey bacon but this turkey was nothing short of amazing. You didn’t even need gravy for it!! FYI the below picture is before it was cooked before the holier than thou accuse me of not being able to cook. Don’t come for me today!!

We did go to my uncles house. This is my husband Uncle but he’s my uncle just the same. It’s always a great thing when in laws really become an extension of your own. He hosted dinner as he’s done many times before and it was a great time!!

One of the things my kids enjoyed was not having to wear dressy clothes and sit at the table. Shout out to the parents that had some of the best dressed kids including my nieces. We just opted against it this year! We instead kept it causal and cute!

We sit at the table for every last meal. We decided to have our breakfast dinner together in the living room. Why not?! The meaning of Thanksgiving is to be together and sometimes when you don’t sit at the table all year long you want to make this big production of gathering around the table once a year. Not us we do this year round so we flipped it this year. I saw some amazing spreads and beautiful tables and trust I am the queen of holiday flare but this was our casual comfy Year. I’ll hit it hard for next year….maybe.

I want to openly say how grateful I am for my own little family, extended family, amazing friends, and my followers!!!

Overall we came home and reflected and this year we really were able to combine a little of something for everyone. The kids enjoyed breaking a few rules and relaxing. The parents had great holiday drinks, good food and felt like it was the most relaxed Thanksgiving we have had in a long time. So cheers to making it our own and creating our own traditions along the way. I hope you too had a great day and a great rest of your weekend!! I know I will as I fix another plate!!

Another note if you’re able try to give unto others. I woke up to some amazing stories that I’ve been seeing online about some regulars community members spreading good cheer and love. The holidays is what it’s all about!


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