Christmas Village 2017 and City Hall Light Show

Have you ever had cabin fever? We were experiencing it and sad part is we were only in the house for one day. I think because we are always on the go and we were well rested it was hard to sit around but we made it through.

Today the kids and I needed some fresh air so we googled some activities to venture into the city to see what we could get into. One of the stops was the peddlers village at the Love Park. I’ve seen pictures of others going yearly but never went and today we changed it. One of the perks that made the decision easy was that the city of Philadelphia is offering free parking Saturday’s to get people into the city and away from the malls. Oh and that’s free until the end of the year by the way!! The peddlers village is free to go into. You combine free parking and a free event that also is holiday inspired it was a no brainer.

There were some great shops and artistry. Perfect since today was Buy Small Saturday. The artistry that some of these shops had been nothing short of amazing. I’ve seen some of the best hand crafted items that I have seen in a while. It reminded me of being in Lancaster, my hometown. Also they had adult wine and adult hot chocolate so can you say A+?

After we walked around taking in the shops we decided to venture over to city hall to see the light show. It was amazing. The atmosphere, the people, the holiday spirit I was in love. Let me say that it takes a lot to get my 3 kids out the house but it was well worth it. Trying to get the kids to walk with the traffic light, keeping them together in big crowds and deal with 3-year-old tantrums is enough to make you carry a flask. However the kids did surprisingly well and after some donuts and hot chocolate we were good to go.

Also we ended the night with a ride on the carousel and who doesn’t like a carousel ride?! The kids and I were totally excited. Plus they played Christmas music and I was probably the loudest singer out there but I didn’t care. We had a great time, got a lot of steps in, had family time and to end our night we decided to get a little ice-cream. Not bad for a random Saturday night! So I encourage you to look at events in your own city. There are a lot of events especially with the holidays around the corner.


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