Sunday Message: Know your Position

So this morning I decided to meet up with my girl crew for a run. This particular run they decided to change the route. I was okay with it. I felt strong physically and mentally to get it done. I started in the middle and through endurance managed my way to the front. As we rounded the last part of the run I hear Toi take the lead. I’m like que? They can’t be talking to me. But I hear my name called again. I turn slightly and they are all like get it girl and I’m like um sis, what you mean?!

Now I am still getting to know the crew and I think honestly they asked me to be in front to extend a nicety in running however instead of trying to impress I declined. I know my position. I was unfamiliar with this route. There was no reason to take the lead and charter the team on unfamiliar ground. I can’t lead where I have not been. It’s like when I was younger in my single days. My mom always would get irritated as the married spoke to the single. She felt that as a married woman she had great insight but it’s hard to give a single woman the book of how to be single when you’re no longer in that era. If a single woman was preparing for marriage that was one thing but there is more to life then change of last names, weddings and matching towels.

I fell back and allowed a young lady who had been in this chartered area to lead. I was able to finish the race we had plotted in great time and it didn’t take from my mileage or time. Take some time to know your position in life. You may be trying to go ahead in a place you’re not supposed to be in. Trying to carry someone who doesn’t need to be carried. Don’t hinder your race by being where you shouldn’t. Hold your position and not try to compare it to others around you. Trust me someone else’s position won’t take away from where you are headed. Keep going and stay in your lane!


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