What does Toi like?!

I get asked in random ask Toi a list of my favorites. I think I may have listed a few when I first started out 3 years ago!! However since it’s the love month why not?!

Here are some of my favorites:

Favorite Candy: Gummi Bears but not just any kind, Haribo. I think gummi bears are on the food pyramid in small print!!!!! Just use your magnifying glass next time you pull it up and next to it is my picture !!

Favorite Drink: Moscato, I love wine! I like any white type fruit based wine to be honest! It makes me feel fancy and I have so many wine glasses. I love personalized glasses and never think you can have too many!

Favorite food: Italian. When my husband proposed he made sure that he did it at an Italian restaurant. This is why I work out so much because pasta and my thighs, lawd have mercy!

Favorite color: red! It’s been my favorite color since I was a little girl and I never went astray!

Favorite books: when I was younger I would have to say the Box Car Children series and Wrinkle in Time so as you can imagine March is going to be a super fun time. The day this movie drops I’ll be in the building!

Favorite movie: Two can Play that Game! If you haven’t seen it I would say it’s a funny spin on the foolishness of love and relationships. I love romantic movies too! All of the girly movies when I get a chance makes me so warm and proud to be a woman!!

Favorite scent: anything Marc Jacobs I love Daisy. I have two different ones but it smells fresh, sweet, and clean.

Favorite dessert: if not gummi bears I love banana foster anything. I’ll take it in icecream, cheesecake, anything!!!!!!!

Favorite vacation spot: anything with a beach! I do not like beach water surprisingly. I know it’s weird but I love to lay on any beach. I love sand between my toes, I love tan lines and yes black and beautiful and all I love tan lines. I don’t see the point of being outside if you’re not getting those I’ve been on vacation lines! So any beach I’m down! I do my yearly personal beach day and I love it! I like to vacation where the sun is plenty!

Favorite celebs: my favorite man would be a switch between LL Cool J and Morris Chestnut! Something about both men that is purely beautiful! Favorite women celebs would be Beyoncé. She seems like an amazing graceful woman. I’ve seen her in concert at least 4 times and I’ve never left disappointed not once!!

Some of my other favorites: journals I still have some from high school, planners the prettier the better for me, going out for dinner, hanging with my friends, running or working out!

I’m a simple type woman where things that visually stimulate me are the things I love. Going to bookstores or even researching is fun for me!


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