Monday Vibes

So for all of those lovely souls that have off today do it up!! Get out and find an activity, hit up a sale, or catch up on some weekend stuff you neglected! For those like myself that are working let’s remember a few things about Mondays.

Monday has a bad rap! Let me show you how to change your Monday thinking:

  1. Monday is actually a fresh start
  2. Monday like any day is a good day to be alive
  3. Mondays should be practice for Friday! Don’t make Monday negative
  4. Mondays can be about new goals
  5. Use Monday to jump you to your Friday
  6. Monday is for go getters
  7. Monday is the start of your awesomeness

Mondays are hard to jump-start if you don’t change how you think about it! You can’t even get to a friday mood without getting past your Monday vibes! Make Mondays yours and push it just as hard as you would any other day! Mondays are not bad if you use your mindset negative and make it into a positive.

Work your Monday so you can have a great week! Remember often times the ones who conquer their goals isn’t because they have it all or the right resources. It’s those who know how to regulate their mindset that kick goals out the park!

May your Monday shine bright as it gives you the light to the rest of your week!

Make Monday great!!


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