You’re Too…

Let’s start off this Monday killing those negative vibes. We give ourselves so many bad vibes that we don’t have time to keep allowing others the opportunity to let others do the same. While you work on your self-care, be about dismissing those around you who tear you down!

Mondays will be whatever you make of it. With that in mind let’s defeat a few things:

You’re Too Fat

I found at times when I worked out especially when my weight was fluctuating that folks would need to point out difficult areas. Don’t let it stop you. Half the time those are the same ones who ain’t seen a treadmill in about a month and they want to tear you down. Not today! Let them be miserable somewhere else. Keep working out! Keep crushing your goals,

You’re too broke

How did he/she get enough money to do that? Stop allowing folks who don’t pay your bills to have a say in what you do. Hear them talking while you’re doing. What they think you have and what you actually have is no ones concern. So many times when you’re about your business and you don’t have it, you will and can be aligned with those who have the resources you don’t have!! Don’t let what you don’t have stop you!

Side note: if you owe people money do pay them. Nothing worse than seeing someone spending and they ain’t paid you. You then have no way of saying don’t worry about what I got when you got what is owed and won’t pay it!

You don’t have the credentials

Favor ain’t fair! I learned this in junior high school listening to T.D. Jakes. And I’ve seen it in my own life. Yes you got to work hard and try to get what you need but there are times when favor aligns in your life past education, finances, and relationships. It will not make sense to others but favor cancels needing others to be in agreement.

As we begin this Monday and all the trials it can bring remember how awesome you are. Don’t forget that you can do anything even when it seems nearly impossible! Push towards a great week and crush your goals! Happy Monday!

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