Womens’ History Month; Tierra M

Good morning. We are continuing this trek along for women’s history month. I wanted to save this blog for last but today is also national single parent’s day so today is the best day to tell the world about this next woman, Tierra McGinnis my twin sister.  Yes world stop! We travel in twos.  My twin is my first best friend and I don’t think I realized how close we were until I moved from Lancaster to Philadelphia.  However like siblings just know if you see us arguing, pay us no mind but don’t think for a second that you can come between us because you can’t.  We can fight all day but you can’t step in that ring because those tables turn and they turn quick.


I was shocked when my sister volunteered.  She is mostly quiet out of the two of us.  She is definitely more reserved but let me tell you after talking to her about her answers to my question, I looked at her like Sis, you betta!!!!

So before I get into her answers, let me say a few things about my sister.  Let me give her all her props today! She is an amazing mother to my niece who I think is one of the most beautiful little girls.  Tierra is one of the best aunts ever. She has NEVER missed one of my kids’ birthdays.  She never forgets them! She knows what they are doing and when. She calls daily.  She shows up and is present in their lives.  That matters a lot to us.  My husband says that about her too he thinks the world of her.  We would give our last to help her. Tierra has surpassed so many things in her life that should have taken her out but she is still standing. Crying and all she is still fighting hard to be better! I admire her! She is the one who if I do see her crying, I will stand up! She doesn’t always show her emotion so the times she does, I literally already got the gym bag ready.  Ask anybody who has ever seen me respond to her.  Tierra is one of the funniest person to be around.  Like seriously do NOT sit next to her in church because the second something happens she has everyone around her cracking up. Her personality is big! I love her so much!

I wanted to know what she wanted other women to know:

You have to live past expectations.  You can have a life all planned and things can change but you have to continue doing for yourself.  Do not wait on any man to come in take care of you or do for you. As a single mother even though her dad and I made her at the end of the day its on me to make sure she has the things she needs.  I have to provide for her whether that’s a roof over her head or a hug to let her know that she is loved.

Her thoughts on the #METOO movement:

A woman shouldn’t have to do tricks to get ahead.  She shouldnt have to feel that in order to get ahead she has to do what is expected of her just to get ahead. There needs to be more equality in pay and this would close the gap a little more. If you are experiencing it speak up because your voice matters. If a man has to use sex as a tool that man needs to step down.  Clearly that man is using his power in the wrong way to hurt someone and he needs to have several seats. Take a look at yourself and ask yourself would you want this to be done to your mother or daughter? 

As a mother my kids are my greatest accomplishments and my greatest worries. What do you want your daughter to know:

I want my child to be stronger than I am. I want her to know that she is beautiful on the inside and outside.  I want her to know that she can be anything she wants to be and I will be there supporting her.  I want her to do all the things I didn’t do.  I want her to know that she needs to love herself before any man can.  I want her to be happy and to do everything to the best of her abilities.  I will support every choice even when I don’t agree.  

I wanted to know what is the hardest lesson to date she feels she has faced

My hardest lesson is that sometimes I am too hard on myself and that I feel that I am not a good mother. I worry because I am struggling to give her the best life she needs.  Sometimes I cry and ask God to help me because I know that HE can but other times I feel alone.  I never imagined myself in this place.  I struggled as a single woman and now I have this child that is looking for me to make it happen. I feel often times that I failed myself. However there are more times than none that my daughter smiles at me or calls my name and it reminds me that I will be okay. I was taught by my own mom that struggle or not, its time to dry my tears, get up and get things done. I wont let my daughter down. 

Tierra from the bottom of my heart, I want you to know that you are loved, you have love and that you are supported. I want you to know that this struggle is just temporary and you will look down the line and see that past all of the junk that you are going through that this will make you strong and your daughter will appreciate the sacrifice. For all of my single moms, know that. Know that you will see the light.  There will be times when them pennies ain’t stretching and the stress alone will try to crumble you, pick up those pieces and love that child (ren) and make a beautiful life.  Just put your effort in and you will come out on top.  As a single mom or dad you have it hard.  I send strength and love to her and all of you too.  Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and being a voice for this blog and women everywhere!

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9 thoughts on “Womens’ History Month; Tierra M

  1. Sometimes just allowing yourself to be vulnerable is exactly what is needed to progress from that position/state of mind. We focus so much on being Superwoman that we forget that we need love and support too! Thank you Tierra for sharing your story and in turn, encouraging others!

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  2. Tierra,
    Great job as a single Mom. Just put your trust in God and he will see you through… Tierra, you got great family support, so keep doing what you are doing. I too is a single parent and I put my best foot forward. I’ve been there but the Lord brought me out…

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  3. Tierra.
    I loved reading this. I may be distant and not good at keeping in touch, but know that I am proud of you. I remember when i was the single parent struggling. YOU WERE THERE FOR ME!!!! You helped me with child care without a second thought. Your were part of my village and I couldn’t have made it this far without your help. I know your love for children & I imagine your love for your child is great. She’s a happy child because of the love you give her, so though you struggle, know that you are accomplishing your goal. I am still just only a phone call away friend.

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  4. I am very shocked, amazed but more than anything impressed with this blog. I had no idea you had these thoughts. I enjoyed reading this so much and learned a lot. Ava is amazing and anyone can see how much you love her. Just know that your fears are no different than any other single mother. As a product of a single mother let me tell you how much your sacrifices that don’t see like much now are so appreciated by your child. It’s the things we think about later on that makes us say wow my mom is the best and I know Ava will say that about you when she gets older. Just know we always got your back and your never alone. We love you sis.

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