Easter Blessings

Happy Easter to all whom celebrate! Anyone who decides to do it on your own terms good for you. Be aware that you don’t have to spend today living in the mindset of staying stuck in how you should celebrate.

There should be a standard in your life but it doesn’t have to look like what folks think it should. As a preacher’s kid, it was church in the morning and church at night. I like to live my life with balance these days. The greatest lesson I can teach my kids is balance. We tend to tip the scales one way or another as if life isn’t about being able to go in places, be around different folks and still be a light no matter what.

I’ve had a lot of talks just this week about what people think church folks should look like or are and let me say in and out of the church, we are failing those around us. If you are super condemning and super judge-mental let me remind you it’s not your charge, your gifting, or an ability you have at this time. I find I can receive from an example who balances more than one who just wants to gain your church attendance and your tithes.

With that premise be sure that while many suits will be creased, and church hats cocked to one side or another that we focus more on how we treat others around us. I would rather make sure that while I was worrying if sister watermelon was in church that I was making sure that my husband isn’t displeased with my nasty attitude. I know today is a holy day but we need more bodies in this world showing the world how to live then spending time pointing a thousand fingers out instead of in.

As you get together with family and friends of your choosing today or working or being by yourself just be sure that you can have peace about your OWN choices. Be vigilant in that peace. I hope that whether you choose to be at home, in church, with friends, at a brunch, or just relaxing just be sure to be the light in this dark world by balancing your life, your choices, etc.

Have a great Easter!! Enjoy! Renew! Recommit!! Restore!! Enjoy!


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