Weekly Recap: April 6, 2018

I don’t know about you but let me just say it has been a week for sure.  I know we all feel like whew momma we made it!  I for one have been tried on every side.  I just want to thank the Lord that I am still here, still fighting and attempting to not let things get to me.  So I pray as we go into the weekend that we all would have refreshing weekends.  I for one will be training and relaxing but for once I don’t have a boat load of plans and I am not looking for any either.  Relaxing is at the top of mine! I pray the same for you.  So let’s get into it:

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Personal Goals

I am finally in the 2 week stretch to my personal vacation.  Let me say between my kids and work I am TI-RED! Yes that is spelled correctly, do not adjust your eyes.  It always seems as if when you have plans everything tries to disturb the groove.  I have had to adjust my schedule so many times that white out is my bestie this week.  I have had to move and shift my entire life and I am grateful for the grace to do so.  As challenging as it has been I am grateful for a trainer that has made me keep in shape and eat right.  I have been extra on top of making sure that my eating habits have been on point even for the Easter holiday.  Thanks mom for the amazing food but I limited myself to one plate and stayed the course.  I had to make room for a drink and some treats.  I am well on my way to keeping up with my health goals.  I am pushing through appointments and necessary tests to be sure that I am in my best shape possible.

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Blog Goals

Thank you again for an amazing March with the Women’s History month blogs.  Remember you can check them all out on the blog.  We have been having some amazing blogs this week.  If you have missed a few, click on ToiTime

Whats coming up

I will be taking my vacation for a week so I will not be available for Ask Toi or many blogs.  I have set up blogs ahead of time while out.  I will not be available by email either.  This is my time to unwind, and relax. I look forward to catching up with you when I return. You may see me on social media here and there but that is about it.  I will be unavailable April 20th-27th.  Please be respectful of my time.

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I will be still training for the Broad Street Run that takes place May 6, in Philadelphia.  I also will be attending a Girl Scouts conference on April 27, 2018.  So be on the lookout for those blogs as well.

If you have an anniversary or birthday in April then please celebrate! Toitime loves birthdays and any reason to celebrate is a reason to do it big!

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I am already working on Mother’s Day blogs.  I will be reposting a lot that I have done but I will have some fresh new ones as well Mothers Day is one of the hardest times of the year.  So just know that ToiTime has you in mind as this season comes around again!



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