Love Is: To Concert or Not…

Lawd love is complicated. Love is super confusing and overwhelming. So in this episode there is a lot to talk about. I am not going to recap but I will talk about a few things that touched me.

Homeless and Trying

Men, don’t let Yasir and his homeless self out do you. I know you want to hit but on the surface nobody is above a do better. How is this homeless man with absolutely no resources out here finessing someone better than you?! Simple. He is focused and sincere. I used to have the mindset of not wanting to save a man. I dated a man who was a lot like Yasir. But I was too much a mix of Angela and not enough Nuri. I wasn’t committed to love or of loving him even though our moments of connections was semi intoxicating.

No Excuses

Depending on where you are in your relationship will determine where Yasir plays for you. For folks in the Ruby stage you may have done all you can and more only to keep coming up with nothing and finding yourself consumed with frustration. If your Nuri you may be enjoying the newness and finding that you’re not as adapt to the red flags.

Nuri has no idea the lengths to which Yasir is attempting to make a connection with her. He does all he can to establish it. For Ruby the excuses, the disconnect and lastly the point of no return are too much. Ruby knows she’s lost Yasir when not even her body is enough to sustain him. FYI that’s a word!! Hips and things can only hold a man but so long. So far Ruby isn’t fighting the disconnect too much longer. The operative word is so far….

When Real Goes too Far

You have to respect a friend who is honest. We need those friends in our lives to keep us grounded. Both Yasir and Nuri have good friends. I need to remind the keeping it real friend, the Angelas of the world to remember to keep it real but walk in discretion. You don’t have to play dumb for your friend but you can remember to be a friend that can be counted on and not as judgmental. Angela is trying to support Nuri and not jump the gun. She is practical and doesn’t bite her tongue but knows when to support. Nuri needed Angela not just to cover her for a night but to cover her with love and understanding.


I am not a Muslim. However I do respect that the show highlights his commitment to his faith in a positive light. Between that and this new budding love it’s the two things guiding him. I can’t wait to see how the two faith and love continues to merge.

Love and Work

Its a slippery slope to love or like where you work. I worked with a man and dated him and unlike Nuri it was intoxicating as grown people should be. Nuri has been leading this fake Netflix and Chill man astray. Falling in love where you work is not ideal. Love may not necessarily find you. So don’t cross that path if you aren’t willing to have one or the other compromised. Some people make it work but often times it doesn’t. Unlike Nuri and her fake work boo, Will working and love can not only go against company policy but can make interactions go left especially if “cookies” are even being negotiated.

So you go from Rubi and Yasir emotionally cutting it off to them also ending it physically to Yasir losing it all while figuring out if Nuri is everything he could ever imagine. Two worlds fusing together!

Do they go to the concert and start this dance full-time?! Catch it for yourself…


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