Monday Motivation: What are your Intentions?

It’s amazing that in this technology driven world we forget some simple basics. I too had to go to the old landmark of writing down my goals and the steps I was using to achieve them. It’s okay to have technology but don’t forget to be clear with intentions.

Intentions are goals that you set for yourself. It’s not a list of stats that a lot of folks use for instance when they are dating. It’s super clear goals and an action plan. For instance if you’re losing weight you write where you are, where you are headed, and your action plan. As much as speaking your intentions matter so does writing them down and being pro ACTIVE!

This notion of simply having a good idea but not wanting to do the work is so backwards. Rarely do businesses, desires, or dreams just happen without hard work, failure, and sometimes rejection but we daydream it could just happen so easily!! Take the time to write your vision and then begin looking into how to make it happen for you! You will then get linked to the right people and places, etc.

Intentions and actions plans is what separates the talkers from the doers. So where do you stand? Are you a slick talker whose been saying for years you are gonna, but have no action plan in place?! Are you a doer whose been just trying things but don’t have things written? You can be a runaway train doing the most and frustrated cause you’re doing things out of sync. Writing things down will help you focus your steps!

This Monday, be clear in what you want and where you want to be and not just at New Years Eve. Go back and review your written goals. Instead of being mad and down about what you haven’t completed, find ways to renew your goal or sit and think if this goal was outside of what was to happen foe you. If you find it’s still a dream you want to accomplish then roll up your sleeves and make it happen. Be clear in your goals and put some ACTION behind it!


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