Sunday Message: Dump Truck

Being supportive is a great thing.  I have been a good friend and try to be there for others.  One of the benefits is that feeling of knowing that you are extending yourself to others. A con is if you’re not careful you can be a dump truck where you collect other folks information, pain, frustration, and hurt and it becomes your own.

I am grateful that when I was younger my mom told me a story that I remember to this day.  She told me of a woman who had been having an affair and confided in her.  My mom began to internalize it.  I didn’t know then what I know now and that is protecting your spirit while being there for others.  I had a similar situation where a friend was going through and I decided to be the friend I needed to be.  I was super clear in my mind to cover my heart and mind throughout the whole ordeal.  I knew what to do after I helped my friend which for me was to say a prayer, make sure he/she was safe, and  practice immediate self-care. I didn’t need my kids picking up on issues and I didn’t want me to over think things.

photo of orange dump truck toy

Photo by Paweł L. on

Please be aware of how you take care of yourself during difficult situations involving others.  It’s okay to be there without taking the junk that people dump home, or situations home, etc.  You can be there and place an invisible shield around you.  It’s possible to take care of you or even if you have too much on your heart and mind you can say no.  You can say to your friend or even family member that you can’t take on one more thing.  It’s okay to make your emotional, and mental health a priority.

So as you begin to prepare for an amazing week, be sure to not allow anyone to dump their mess.  Also know that people are people and not allow stress, drama etc to have a personal space in your life!


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