Pressure makes diamonds. It’s a hard process. Pressure in our lives can do amazing things. It can be the fire you needed to start a new business or to help you to reach a deadline. It’s necessary and usually it’s side of stress that comes along for the ride. You have to understand that it’s normal but how you respond to it can be a huge difference from stress that overloads you or takes you out.

Stress is a killer. Over working and never taking breaks is not good. Sometimes we take breaks and use those breaks as mini sessions of stress. You need moments or relief. You can not down yourself 24 hours in a day and then say this is how I get things done. You’re not a machine. You need affirmations along the journey to make it. You can’t simply be a Debbie Downer all the time and expect to get a result!

Take the pressure you are in and find ways to deal with it. If you have a deadline work on completing it and then learn to reward yourself after. It’s okay to celebrate you. When I completed my latest blog for Greenide. I got up the day it was to be submitted to edit. I had to wait until the day of to see it with fresh eyes. When it was done I was able to grab an iced coffee and blast a song! It was a small reward for the pressure I was under.

How about when I parent my kids. There are too many moments when pressure was up and stress was right there attempting to wear me down. I’ve talked numerous times about my kids being in the hospital and sick. My job on the line and having to find a balance. However I thought it was wrong to be happy not for my child getting better but for me for not buckling under pressure. That was so backwards. I had survived having to deal with Human Resources and I had survived bosses who didn’t fully understand or understood but had to keep business as is and sadly my situation had no loops for sincere care.

How about at work the pressure to always be “on.” The pressure if you’re looking for work and being told no. That is pressure. It’s stressful but hard work will pay off.

Let’s acknowledge that pressure and stress! Let’s find ways to handle it and find ways to combat it when we can. Let’s reward ourselves when you do something well. You don’t have to be in a funeral state of mind where you down everything that you do or the steps you take!

Don’t let others put pressure on you either. God knows you can take yourself out! Pressure is necessary within reason! Keep it in check! Talk to someone when you’re overwhelmed. Seek help it’s not a sign of weakness. It’s okay to say no to a few things. Self-care is necessary daily. Love yourself. Seek a few moments of quiet times at least once a day!

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