National Slap Your Irritating Co-Worker

I would refrain from slapping a co-worker if your lawyer ain’t on stand by and you need your job. You will be fired and in the faith line with some charges if you’re not careful. But let’s keep it real most jobs have at least one person that soon as you hear their voice your eye starts twitching. It could be that they are the laziest on the team. They stay on the phone calling their man/girl of the week and make excuses as to why they can’t get nothing done. Maybe they aren’t as prepared.  It could be they just have an ugly disposition and attitude. Whatever the reason, we all have in our head wanted to slap a few or two.  In all fairness you might even be the irritating co-worker.

How you deal with the irritating co-worker is what makes or breaks your day. Some folks can let a few things roll of their back. They don’t let the irritating co-worker know they getting on their nerves. You could try that tactic and see if it works out. If you are a verbal person like me, you may even try calling out their irritating trait in hopes that the person will change. Good luck! The power you have stops at the end of your nose. Think about it! All I can say is that often times that person is irritating in their home life. I wouldn’t let not one irritating person keep me from my coin.

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You have to learn to outsmart the irritating co-worker at times. If it’s a group effort where the co-worker isn’t pulling their weight, I have found bring it to their attention sometimes works. After awhile I have been known to do their work and…… 90% of the time my boss has called me out for doing it for them. Trust me the person that is slacking might be okay with their work being done by you until everyone knows that you didn’t do it. You know why because instead of going back and forth with them, you just showed the boss that they are expendable. They aren’t pulling their weight and if the boss is a good one, they can see it and adjust the team’s strengths.  Also not letting that irritating co-worker seeing you stressed out over them helps you. You have to remain in control of your emotions. So don’t let them see you sweat.

Another thing about irritating co-workers is they act like they don’t know. If one or more co-worker is talking about you and you out here doing the most, check yourself. You’re an adult. Coming to work late everyday without a valid reason, not pulling your weight, gossiping about everyone, causing issues everyday, being loud and speaking ill of others at work will in the long run cost you. Eventually the second you can be replaced if your actions is disturbing the flow of the team, it will be done. Most bosses even those who don’t like confrontation will see the madness. They are just waiting for that time so they can get rid of you. So step up to the plate and handle your business. Also one rule of thumb not all jobs you will make friends. When you were hired your goal is to make your money. It’s not to befriend everyone on the job. If you would grasp that nugget you would be better off. Don’t let no acquaintance at work irritate your life to the point where you slap one of them.

So as you progress and your day gets crazy. Keep in mind that although you want to slap your irritating co-worker, please don’t!


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