Friday Weekly Recap: January 25, 2019

Well we are almost to one first month of the New Year. What have you done so far to ensure success. February 1st is usually when people start to drop off from their goals. Do NOT let that be you. Invest in yourself. If you can put enough energy back into yourself like you do everything else with hard work you will see the fruits of your labor. Pay yourself this year by working hard.

Blog Life

So this has been a busy week. We celebrated MLK day and I hope that more than just posting a meme or a inspirational quote from Dr. King that you actually live it. My hope is that you do something on the daily to unify those around you. It doesn’t mean you will get everyone on board but at least try. The country is already divided be the peace in the world you want around you as you attempt to do the same in your personal life. In addition to MLK day we also visited Cry Baby Pasta. If you haven’t had the chance to you can view the blog here: Cry Baby Pasta

Also we had the opportunity to visit Makhani Modern Indian restaurant. Amazing experience! That blog just hit today!! Make sure you catch it!!

Fit Life

Being accountable I didn’t work out on MLK Day. I was supposed to but between my family being home, I got me some much needed rest. Also with going to Cry Baby Pasta, I focused on getting ready. However I kicked butt for the rest of the week and hit my workout goals in spite of the missed Monday.  I also made sure to buy more healthy options for snacking even though I did bake cupcakes this past weekend. I will be securing the last of my 2019 races. Racing is amazing but it cost but I wouldn’t want to do anything else!!

Kid Life

My kids social schedule is increasing. From birthday parties, church events, etc I am trying to get my oldest to figure out what is more important. She did me a solid when she opted out of a birthday party to attend a commitment for church that I was unaware of. She is doing really well in prioritizing.

My son is doing amazing in soccer. His coach even sent us a note to let us know how respectful and attentive he is to her and those around her. As a parent we want to raise kids that will become great citizens and to know even when we feel he may be a handful he really is doing what we need him to do. I love that!

My youngest is in birthday mode. Her birthday is next month and she is being invited to a lot of parties and asking to do playdates. SO that is another level to add into the circle of Uber parents.

Personal Life

During the supposed snow we didn’t get, I found my faith was a little down. I wasn’t as positive and with time on my hands, I found my mindset going backwards. Even with getting out of the house for a little bit. I was able to recover but it took longer than usual. I am convinced the cold weather doesn’t help since outside of going to Cry Baby Pasta, work and Makhani, I refused to be in the dangerous cold weather. I am hopeful that as the weeks perk up and knowing that Spring is soon to come, will assist me in getting it together.

Between having one sick kid this week, a pipe break in the house and life happening around us, we are making it! Thank you all for the sweet comments on Tiki Storr our cat who we love on more and more each day!

Have a great weekend and do something nice for yourself!!!

Lastly, shout out again to my dad for his retirement from military life! We attended his ceremony and it was amazing! Congrats!!


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