Let Them Eat Cake Under the Sea Variety The Children’s Charity of the Delaware Valley

Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! Cake! I had to to go there because that’s what the evening was all about. Having the best cake bakers come out and compete for the coveted titles while raising money to fund the initiatives of Variety. Variety’s mission is to help hundreds of children who have disabilities and their families. Coming together knowing that the event would help them provide meaningful programs and outreach made the program that much more sweeter.

I was a newbie this year. I had read other blogs as to what took place last year so I could get into formation of what was to be expected. Once there I was in a wonderland of cakes seriously. They give you a container so you can easily place your cake samples inside of it. If you think you love cake, you ain’t seen real cake until you attend this charity event. You have cakes lined up cut and ready to enjoy. Did I mention there’s no limit on how many times you can treat yourself?! My workout and run this morning was definitely on point to offset this indulgence.

GH Cakery; Instagram GH_cakery

The bakers stuck to the theme of cake under the sea. The various and creative ways in which each baker allowed their creativity to flow was nothing but pure amazement. It’s the type of baking that baking shows are made of. To see this level of artistry up close and personal is mesmerizing. However it wasn’t all show as the cakes were equally delicious. So many different flavors were presented. From one of my favorites of kiwi lime pie to blueberry red velvet. Each baker brought the theme to life.

Last years 2018 winner Best in Show and Best in Taste, Bredenbecks; Instagram @bredenbecks

During the charity event I would like to point out a few observations. One the atmosphere was super light. I like to think that the cake, unlimited drinks, the DJ provided by Mole Street Artist and some members of the Philadelphia Eagles including Swoop made the difference but it was the kids helping at the door with their smiles that set the tone. I think it was great having them there to push the mission and keeping everyone on task definitely helped.

This year was almost complete domination and from the design to taste I can see why. Beverlys Pastry Shop scooped Best Taste, Best Design, Audience Choice, and Best in Show. Take a look for yourself there’s no denying it was well earned.

Also shout out to student winner, Gabriella Messina from Walnut Hill College for winning Student Designer!

All in all the night was magical. From the raffles which let me tell you were some of the best prizes anyone could want from a night on town to tickets to shows, it was super creative.

Cakes by Kharis; Instagram Cakes_by_kharis

Special thanks to Variety Children’s Charity, Cherryl of Phillyfoodgal (travelwithchefcherryl) for the invite, Philadelphia Eagles Care, Loews Philadelphia, First Trust Bank, Ten Pennies Florist, Regal Entertainment Group, Wawa, Sesame Place, ABC 6 and Comcast.

For more info on how you can support Variety all year long in their endeavors, click the link! Donate!


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