Philadelphia Zoo the Key to Fun

The Philadelphia Zoo has been a staple for families as well as students who come near and far to have fun and learn.  This year the zoo has decided to bring back the Philadelphia Zoo Key.  The key unlocks many audiobooks throughout the zoo that tells the stories that are told by zookeepers that care for them.  These keys make amazing keepsakes. If you were fortunate to have some of the original keys, fret not they still will work!

I attended the media day for the Philadelphia Zoo and let me share a few things you are going to absolutely love! Who doesn’t love LEGOS? I do and so does my family. The Philadelphia Zoo has created the new Creatures of Habitat. They are 12 life-size LEGO scenes that replicate various animals in their habitat. These displays will be available until September 30, 2019.  Thanks to Sean Kenney who crafted the Creatures of Habitat is one of 7 American LEGO certified professional artisans.  They are stunning and you can’t help but notice them.

During the presentation today one of the main points of discussion is how can we protect the habitats around us?  Same concept for animals. How we live and move matters and protecting the environment around us is important.

Being at the Zoo can be a load of fun.  You get to see amazing animals, walk around, have family or solo fun, and learn.  All of that walking can make you hungry. There are a few points I want to highlight for food resources.  The Urban Green that was partnered with Groundswell Design Group, is a new open-air food marketplace.  They have everything from sandwiches, wraps, fries, and my personal favorite, the Impossible Burger.  It is a relax and catch your breath and eat type spot. It’s visually stunning.  Oh and by the way there in case you’re like me who enjoys an adult beverage or two they have rotating craft beers and wine selections. There is plenty of seats and it has enough openness for the parents that have small kids and strollers too!

Photo credit Brenda Hillegas

Photo credit Brenda Hillegas

I love going to the Zoo.  I consider myself a zoo enthusiast.  I attended today’s event by myself and let me say as much as I can’t wait to take the fam bam, I loved how walking around with friends or by myself isn’t intimidating.  The Philadelphia Zoo with these additions definitely stands out from some of the other zoos I have visited. 

There really is something for everyone. The animals are always the highlight but now there is a lot more to come and see and do.  The food is amazing.  While I was there I checked out the prices and they were pretty comparable. If the selections taste the way they did today, you will not be hungry or upset because the quality surpasses most zoo/amusement park food. So good food, amazing animals, interactive displays, LEGO displays, kid zoo, petting zoo, and craft beers and wines-what’s not to love?

I personally will be treating my family to the Philadelphia Zoo and I encourage you to do the same! The pure excitement of the day was more than I expected.  The amount of smiles I saw was proof enough, the Philadelphia Zoo is the place to be this season!

Thank you to the Philadelphia Zoo for the invite as well as Aversa PR!

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