Monday Motivation: Leech of the Past

Happy Monday! Another week is upon us. I know it’s easy to complain about how tired you may be or how unhappy you may feel if you’re feeling a little unmotivated. One is the best motivation killers is when you do a mental walk back and add the energy killer of comparison.

You allow your mind and events to do a movie reel playback of all the mistakes you made and blame your current place of life on its demise. It’s true to some extent that our mistakes do play a large part in a present but it doesn’t have to define it. The movie reel of events only has the power to deter you when you stay stagnant in the credit section. At some point you have to get up right? At some point you have to live right? At some point you can’t carry all the weight and expect to fly, right?!

The past although hard, messy, painful, hindering, or true has to be left in its proper place. I’ve seen people who like me were undeserving of their “new life” push through and when something wasn’t available they created it. You don’t have to be in the best of situations or have all the necessary resources or know all the key players of the game. You do have to be able to walk away from the leech of your past and even if fear tags along, move on. Once those few steps are made fear drops off. Fear won’t have anything to move with the courage of taking the initial steps.

The leech of your past is binding and exhausting. It doesn’t have to be the end of your story.

The I can’t because….

The I don’t deserve because….

The I can’t move forward because….

All of them leeches need to be removed. You can make anything happen when instead of giving life to what you can’t do, accept your past. Own your past. Own your mistakes because in doing so no one will be able to hold it over your head. No one will be able to keep holding it over your head as bait to keep you paralyzed. You yourself need to stop holding on to it as well!!!

This Monday it cost more in life to walk out your dreams from the inside out. The cost is definitely worth it. The leeches of your past can’t stop what’s birth in you to complete. Take the sting out and move forward. You owe yourself so don’t let yourself down! You got this!


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