Sunday Message: Change is good

Sometimes we fight change. It sounds good to say change is great but to actually go through it hurts at times. You have to be willing to go through change and when it gets tough don’t quit.

In the beginning of change it feels good and you’re super focused. Then about mid way through tiredness creeps in. You ask yourself why and if you haven’t been reminding yourself why or surrounding yourself with folks that push you towards change you may get weak enough to consider quitting.

  • Feeling weak and wanting to quit is not an issue but letting it stop you is a real problem! Often times we quit right around the time when change is about to take its proper place. Be encouraged today!! Change isn’t just something you speak about but you also have to walk in it! It’s hard to keep focus when you hang with the same crowds. Change your mind and change your circle naturally! No one who isn’t about to change will stay around you too much longer!
  • This Sunday is a new set of a new week! Take the time to change what didn’t work last week and apply change to it this week!
  • Sending great vibes!!
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