1st Week Summer Break-The Breakdown

We all know how happy the teachers were to make sure they graced our children to us! My youngest daughter teacher even had an amazing shirt ready:

The shade of it all is that as parents we are up next! Sometimes parents are able to find wonderful camps where kids can go and have a blast all day long. Often times parents rely on family or friends or even have to just be mommy and daddy camp. No matter what it all adds up. From using more gas to get around to more food being eaten since kids tend to not eat with their school bellies when home. With that in mind I’m going to break down my first week of Summer fun. I am in a unique situation where I can work from home and be mommy camp at the same time. Half day working with the other half with my kids doing fun stuff. So that means I am also up at the crack of dawn to get it all done!

Regardless no kid should be sitting in the house all day or watching television. I like to use my working time to get them reading and doing Summer homework with math and other work to keep their mind sharp. The other half moving and grooving. I’m grateful for the ability. So what and how much did we spend week one?

Monday: Legoland Discovery Center

In the heart of Plymouth Meeting Mall is a kid’s play land of pure LEGO fun! Between the interactive ride, bounce house, laser game, 4D movies, and plenty of building stations, dance time with the LEGO characters it’s one of the best things for kids to do. Now we have season passes which initially are pricey. For a family of 5 you’re talking about around $250 off the top. However from the date of purchase to the conclusion of that years time you can come in unlimited amounts of times.

We like the season passes which we have had for 2 years because on days or rain or snow it literally provides a place where all of us enjoy going and it’s indoors. That’s a super win if you ask me! Ticket prices are between 17-40 and you also save money if you purchase online. Even if you select a time to come once you’re in you can stay and enjoy!

My kids build an enclosed fort EVERY time they come

So since we paid for these passes in the Winter we have definitely already gotten our moneys worth and out of pocket for the day was $12.78 for snacks for the ride home. They spent hours and you would think since we come so often they wouldn’t want to go but it’s not true. Legoland switches up their activities ALL the time in addition to holiday themed activities as well.

Tuesday: Barnes and Nobles and AMC Movies

So my goal was to attend story time at Barnes and Nobles however epic fail on my part. We left at 9 to attend but I had the wrong time and it began at 11 and not 10 as I thought. Once I discovered the mishap I adjusted by letting the kids walk around and play and read. My oldest had a gift card so she bought several items. We also was informed that Barnes and Nobles has a Summer reading challenge of reading 8 books, keeping record and having a parent sign off to obtain a brand new book with no purchase necessary. That is a great add to their already tight reading schedule and book reports due in the Fall. Story time is free FYI! Check your local Barnes and Nobles for time and don’t do like I did!

AMC has Tuesdays movies all for $5! Any movie all day Tuesday for $5! We elected to see Secret Life of Pets 2! Without giving out any spoilers-it was super good!!!! They also have a special for $5 you can get a medium icee and a small popcorn! So movies for 4=$20 with snacks $15.87!! Tuesday total is $35.87! Afterward we went to the park and park is free and I was able to work out while they played along with their studies meant a great nights sleep!

Wednesday: Slow Down and Ritas Water Ice

So Wednesday I needed to get my car situated and then that fell through! I also elected to do more work. This meant study time and indoor home movie. They also were rewarded with a trip to Rita’s as well as play time at a park! Rita’s was $20.21 and for next week I have coupons to help make that amount even smaller. If you get coupons in the mail always clip them and keep them on you. I’ll be able to cut that Rita’s trip to about half of that and everyone will have their smiles!

Thursday: Free for All

We did things like bubbles, races, coloring contest, jump ropes and studies. All of these items can be purchased at the dollar store. We already had them on deck. I tried them out that instead of them staying up they went to sleep without issue. It’s always good to have these items on deck. You want to be sure that the whole we are bored never comes in. I am an 80s baby so we were outside and played where kids want to be on their tablets and phones. My kids do those things too but we have always incorporated old school fun into their lives. You can spend 10-20 on must haves and keep them in a bin ready to go on slow days. Today for today: free!

Friday: Swim Day-Greater Plymouth Community Center

So we decided to make the first day of Summer as swim day. The weather was patchy all week. We definitely made sure we went to our go to indoor pool at Greater Plymouth Community Center! Instead of getting the daily pass of 12 per person we elected to get the monthly pass and paid $75! This gives us from the date of purchase to that date next month unlimited access to the pools 7 days a week. Even if we go 3 days a week it’s still saved us money in the long run!

The pool is always clean and the staff is amazing. They have family dressing areas and showers so I’m able to keep us all together! Snacks on the way home from Dunkin Donuts was 18.31. Total for today is 93.31! A bit pricey up front but will make the weeks cheaper in the long run!

How do I plan to cut cost even further? I bought reusable pouches from Amazon to fill with juices. These are like Capri Sun so that I can pack them and my own snacks for when we go to the park and other snack carrying locations. 100 pouches that are reusable with straws that I plan on using for kids and adult themed drinks is a great save! They cost about $20.99. So I added them in the cost for this week! You can get them here:

Kiddie pouches

Grand Totals:

12.78 for snacks at Legoland

35.87 for movies and snacks

20.21 Rita’s water ice

75 pool

18.31 snacks for ride home

20.99 for reusable juice boxes/bags

=183.16 for 3 kids and one adult and a week of fun, movement, education, and adventure!!!!

Next week I hope to spend lower than that and I’ll break it down! Even if your kids are in camp and you need some ideas for getting them out the house I would look into what your city has to offer. Keep in mind this is without going to the library that I plan to add next week. In addition I have free bowling passes due to Bowling with Kids that offers them 2 free games and cost $4 for shoe rental. There are activities that are free in the city or surrounding counties. All of this can be done by planning and researching options. Summer is going to be a blast without blasting out the bank account! Everyday is an adventure.

Also save money by planning around lunch. Feed them breakfast and lunch at home and cut cost on snacks by bringing your own food when you can is a life saver!

Catch as I update this week’s breakdown on next Monday or Tuesday! Let’s see if I can get that $183 down. What are you doing for fun! Also my weekends are just as fun and we always do it on a budget!!


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