Sunday Message: Do you ever plan?

We know life throws many waves. You can have good and bad times happen at any given moment. However for everything in between you need to plan and work your plan. Plans don’t trauma proof your life but they help you get through it a little bit better!

So how do you plan? It’s the last day of June and tomorrow is the start of a not only a new month but the 3rd quarter of the year. Time waits for no one. It’s all moving fast. What are you doing? What have you done so far? What goals have you reached? For the month of June I’ve already hit all my numbers that I did for last year at this half way point! That’s progress and that comes from being consistent and being meaningful in what I do. I plan accordingly for what I want to see and when bumps come in I adjust and deal with them.

Planning takes the guest work out of things. Planning for good makes sure you aren’t leaving things up to chance or getting the wrong foods you don’t need. Planning for your future will make sure that you don’t have to have a bake sale to bury a loved one. Planning for your week always ensures a great start to what you want to make happen. There are some people who can go by the fly of their pants kind of way and most who need to plan ahead to hit their goals. Whether you want to believe it or not most people benefit from a plan and to work that plan.

We all need to go into our week with more masterful tactics. We all need to work our lives in a more organized way. It will be the very thing that brings success! How bad do you want it?! Is planning something that you just hate but know you need to do? Is this Sunday going to be about fun alone but you lack to plan a better week?! Make that change so everyday you aren’t just simply existing waiting for another weekend to come to simply breath!

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