Week 4: Storr Summer Adventures

So I can’t believe we have made it through the first month of Summer! 4 weeks down and over! I’m grateful for the opportunity to work, do what I love and be with my kids! I’ve been calling it work boss, mom boss and camp mommy all in one! So how much did I spend? Drum roll please, $77.70! We almost got close to $80 but we made it! Let’s break this down!


We decided to stick to old faithful! I started my morning with a 5am run and if I’m super honest in order to not burn out from being super active these days I have to make a list of work items and household movement to keep my eyes open and body going! So we went to Legoland! It’s a great place for me to move around with them as well as keeping the kids to moving as well! I love that we were able to watch 4D movies. It’s one is my favorite parts of Legoland. You get water splashed on you, fog, etc. They spent hours there that since I didn’t have an event we also spent an hour at the park allowing me more workout time and then play time!

We packed a snack for the kids but of course I didn’t grab anything to drink so I had to stop and get all of us something to drink and that set us back 11.83 at Auntie Annie’s Pretzel!


We took our mini Spider-Man fan to see Spider-Man Far from Home! You know that meant $5 AMC with our $5.00 snacks! We loved the movie and can’t wait to see the next one! We didn’t get pics since we were running late and by the time we were done it was hot we made our way back to the car and got home in the air conditioning! It was way too hot for the park today! We did have lunch and I had an event at The Deck! today’s today was $40.87!


We elected to have a late evening activity instead of an earlier day! I’m seeing a pattern these last few weeks of doing more work on Wednesdays and my kids have been adjusting really well. At our church they had an ice-cream social that honored Father Corley who recently passed. He always loved this event and always organized it! In addition to the fact that Father Corley loved this social he also was the Darby Police Departments’ Pastor so many officers attended! They interacted with the kids and even allowed them to play with the lights and sirens! The ice-cream social was a dollar per person. I gave a flat $10 total spent for the day!

By the time the social was over, the kids definitely were wired up with all of the ice-cream toppings that it took them quite some time to settle down! We allowed them to stay up a little longer!


It was time to go to our weekly library trip! The kids completed their weekly reading in addition to their book reports for school! They were rewarded a toy and a new book from the Free Library of Philadelphia weekly reading adventure! My kids have been knocking out the park by getting a mix of books to learn about their culture as well as books that spark their individual interest! So far they are averaging about 5-6 books a week! Naila the oldest decided to slow it down with bigger chapter books and we are challenged to read together! It also allowed me to start and complete all laundry!

It rained so hard on Thursday that once we got back from the library they wanted to relax and start reading! I also attended the Sofitel Philadelphia happy hour and showcasing of Janice Telestar: “French Kiss.” No money was spent today!


Since it was coming to the close of the week we elected to go to McDonald’s for their food and we swam for 2 hours! Swimming is just one of those activities that is always a great idea! McDonald’s cost a flat $15 with my coupons and ended up being the only money spent as we packed snacks and drinks from home for the ride home!

So between Legoland, library, movies, lunch, ice-cream social, the park and swimming each day we were on the go!! The kids are also utilizing my work time to get their reading time completed and they are surpassing my personal reading goals for them. With events I was able to have me time, impromptu date nights, and even though it doesn’t seem clear some personal rest time! It takes a lot to keep it moving and I’m always checking in with myself to find ways to create balance so we can keep moving!

Let’s see what week 5 brings!


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