A Dose of Discipline

It’s sheer madness that we are in July half way through the year! However even with that knowledge we have to make moves towards the goals we made. What do you need this morning? Discipline!

You already set your goals. You know what you want to make happen and in many ways how but you need discipline to actually take what you know and apply enough pressure to complete it. You need the amount or finesse to know when to pull back or push through. Discipline makes you move forward when tiredness kicks in. Discipline will kick in to have you take appropriate detours when necessary. Discipline is what separates knowledge from action.

I’ve had moments in life when I knew what to do but didn’t have the discipline to execute it. I knew to work out and how often I should but lacked the discipline to make it happen! So what can you do if you simply know but can’t make things happen? Goals aren’t going to just happen without you having to do your part! Weight won’t come off without the discipline to cut back on portions of the discipline to get active. New love won’t come if you’re not constantly working towards loving yourself and being disciplined enough to do it daily.

Disciplined is aligning your will in the moments when you feel unwilling. Disciplined is hard. It doesn’t feel good all the time. You usually are stuck between the desire to do your goals or not. It’s funny how we hate to push but hate ourselves more if we don’t. If your goal is to be in a new job what are you doing daily to make it happen? How many resumes have you put out? How many connections are you making? How many interviews have you gone on? Tired? Frustrated? Discipline has to kick in or you have to push towards discipline so instead of being mad a new job isn’t aligning simply because I’m just living in the hope it will come; I can walk and push because I’m doing the daily work for it to happen.

What areas do you lack discipline? What can you do to ensure success? If it’s working out at a certain time than setting your clothes the night before or packing your items will help. Also setting an alarm will help. Maybe getting an accountability partner will help. How about seeing a nutritionist will aid in your success? Maybe not going home but heading straight to the gym will help! How about in the job, setting a number of resumes in a day will help. How about having someone review your resumes or cover letter? If it’s love what ways are you walking in the ways you want your potential partner to walk? If you want someone who loves to travel but don’t own a passport-change it. You want someone with good credit how is your credit? You want someone that’s into their health but are you? How can you mirror what you claim you want to attract? Discipline! Sometimes discipline kicks in with taking an initial first steps and then when you feel like quitting-DON’T!


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