Hershey Park Happy

How do you manage a party of 9 in the midst of a heat wave? Lots of water and patience. We went to Hershey Park with my our friends Carlos and Kayla, my husband, my kids, my twin and my niece!

We stayed over night in Lancaster so that the drive to Hershey wouldn’t be so bad! We packed fruit, Gaterade, and water and all swimming essentials. After my quick stop to Starbucks we were park ready! Shout out to Kayla for making the fam bam an amazing breakfast!

This was the kids first time to the park since they had attended Chocolate World previously with their godparents. I enjoyed watching them and my niece’s excitement. Secretly I’m more of a kid than they are and I couldn’t wait. Between the nostalgia of going in my youth to loving the whole walk around and being free; Hershey really is the sweetest place on Earth!


  • Download the Hershey Park app. It helped with locating food and other amenities in the park. The only wish is that the park has more locations of gluten, non dairy or vegan options throughout the park instead of just a few places
  • Get the souvenir cup so you can get free refills. They cost about $15.80 but with just two cups it pays for itself. There are also amazing scan and fill stations so waiting in long lines was clutch.
  • They also have meal deals so always refer to the app
  • Do go to the Boardwalk. For us on Sunday it was necessary during the heat wave
  • You can bring in food and drinks cutting some of your cost. We only brought a few snacks as it would have been too much to lug around for 9 people-they definitely saw us coming
  • Bring a spritzing fan-after 3 stores that my husband went to I will say it came in handy
  • Lockers are a must! For 20 an all day locker was exactly what we needed
  • Have patience-the lines were moving fairly fast but heat and attitudes don’t mix so don’t bring them with you to the park
  • Have a shirt to change into if you plan on riding the rides-no shirt or bottom means no riding
  • If you have littles aka kids under 10 have a designated kiddie rider on hand-I became the designated kiddie rider and it was fine with me

Overall we had a blast! I hope we can go back at least one more time in the Summer and another in the Fall! Meeting the chocolate and candy bars was my favorite, the staff was amazing and the vendors even in the extreme heat was great!

Thank you Kayla for the season passes! Thank you Hershey Park for an amazing fun and safe time! Thank you to my fam bam for having a blast!! Summer is about memories and our Sunday Funday was nothing short of grearnes. The kids were out like a light and the drive back to Philadelphia wasn’t bad. We were able to beat the storm!!


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