He said….she said

Day 2 of the 7 parts of this wedding anniversary celebration! So today’s question is what is your pet peeve of each other? Now would I ask this question? Simple-everyone has them of their significant other! You can love each other to no end but to tell yourself you don’t have a pet peeve of your mate is lying to yourself. Pet peeves change over the years and some things remain constant. When you’re in love they don’t stop the love between you!

He said…

Your (Toi) tat.

For my readers I have my initials on my left upper back! I got this about 25 years old. Either way:

My issue is why would someone would take a needle to their skin and continue the process. You can get a key chain or t-shirt if you want to advertise something! I don’t care where they are I just dislike them. If it wasn’t that I loved you it would be a deal breaker for another woman I would have married! When I saw it on you (Toi) I was disgusted and annoyed cause you acted as if I wouldn’t notice it. I still haven’t gotten past it but it’s on you and I love you!

She said…

My husband’s lateness. I knew he was super late when I dated him 20 years ago. It’s like he’s late for sometimes just to do it. I mean if an invitation says 3 you better tell him 2! My family is military and I was taught punctuality matters. Early is on time and on time is late. He argues that he was late for the first date but he was. I don’t get it even now I can get me and the kids ready and he still be behind! I just focus on me and the kids and leave it as it is! When we were dating it would irritate me but I didn’t speak up. I doubt it would have changed but since married he knows how I feel about it!

Tomorrow is day 3 and we will dig deeper! I want to send the clear message about the real work it takes! Obviously the blogs only give a small look but I’ve always been honest with people about jumping into marriage based upon super happy feelings!


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