Monday Motivation: Time to Move

Oh I hate moving! Hate is such a strong word but I loathe moving. The packing of it all and the stress makes me feel like I should have stayed where I was. The value of new living space isn’t seen in the midst of the move! That is the same in life. It’s more comfortable to stay put but moving is there is more value is key.

How many times have we known it was time to move on but didn’t! In love or life comfort will have you stuck as well as miserable. It’s supposed to make you uncomfortable enough to move but some of us is stubborn. Instead of taking the cue to move we will stay even more stagnant. We will drain our pool of support in the disdain but won’t make enough moves that is necessary. Then we holler that we aren’t getting enough support! It’s either the ones around you; you need to move from or you are the one that needs to move on! Stop pressuring folks to make you great and be it!

Moving requires a plan. It requires that you do some work. When I moved us from one home to the other I didn’t just wake up and say let’s do this. I choose to take off of work and move in the day while the kids were in school. I planned my moves so I can have the least amount of stress but that didn’t eliminate all of it. I didn’t charge those around me to pick up slack that was my responsibility not before, during, or after the move!

Value in moving is key. Even if you are downgrading there is value. Between making things easily within your budget or having better opportunities; there is value. What about moving as part of our health! It’s necessary and the value is there but we do the I’ll start…. You know it doesn’t happen! So then you have the audacity to get mad at the weight. You welcomed the weight on with your lifestyle so how can it be the weight’s fault? How can it be the raggedy boyfriend/girlfriend’s fault that YOU won’t let them go? YOU have to eliminate the drama. They are fine that’s why they are staying around-you are the benefit.

So where do you need to move this Monday? What responsibility do you need to take? What value do you need to look past the comfort of staying. At least if you’re going to complain at least complain towards a solution. If not you’re losing time, money and opportunities for free just to keep a comfort that’s robbing you of potential! Let’s move this Monday!


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