He Said…She said

It’s important to have goals in marriage big and small. Not just on New Year’s Eve or at anniversary time but quite often making new ones and revisiting old ones as well. How many times has a goal gone overlooked? I’m quite sure many times! So we talk about one goal as we go into year 7!

If you’re not careful a large amount of time could pass and nothing has been achieved. This is why even if you have other roles in the marriage such as parenting to reconnect often. One of the ways is active listening. I’ve been known to hear and hear what I want to hear or only not listen with intent. We both missed many cues and I’m certain we will miss many more in the future but with reconnecting we move from roommates to constant teammates!

He Said…

My goal is to be more patient! In order to do that I plan to focus on the mantra of “worry less and laugh more.” I’ve been the one to let stress consume me. Shortly after irritation follows!

She Said…

My goal is to continue listening. Listening with the ears of a teammate instead of listening with the feelings that you are against me just because of what you said makes me face an uncomfortable situation!

Tomorrow we will discuss what we learned about ourselves in marriage!!


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