Week 6: Storr Summer Adventures

It seems as if Summer is definitely in full swing. We are about half way in so making the most of these next couple of weeks will matter! Week 6’s total was $75.06.


Since we were still coming down from the Hershey Park trip we decided to keep it easy and go to the park! We had a great time! The kids were able to play and I was able to get much needed down time!


It was AMC $5 movie so that meant we definitely went to see The Lion King! We enjoyed it overall! I am an avid member of the Beyhive but I’m glad Beyonce didn’t have a lot of speaking parts! She can sing but her acting..

Noelle immediately wasn’t here for the realness of the animals. We definitely saw the original quite a few times in preparation starting in the Winter. She immediately yells out: “something is definitely wrong with this movie!” The songs I wasn’t a full fan of-spoiler alert “Be Prepared” will have you upset!!! Overall we went to a different theatre and let’s say without airing the location I will NOT be back to see any movie there! Super glad that we saw an evening movie so my husband could join us! FYI we went to a 8pm movie and got out late and there were lines of families to see the 1030 and beyond shows! Definitely have to chalk that up to it being Summer-at least I hope! Total for 4 tickets 20-I didn’t include my husband since he’s not apart of the Summer fun on the regular! He took care of his own ticket!


We decided to use our FREE yes free passes for the Kids Bowling series! I sign up for this yearly! It gives kids 2 games a week and shoe rental is the only thing that you pay for! So 2 games and 3 shoe rentals was $12! However we did rent the dino bowling helper for Noelle so that was 22 full total! We had lunch before we left and brought waters and juice for the ride up. I did allow them an ice-cream treat at Sonic! Sonic total was $12.12!


I was asked to speak at the TCP media literacy camp in Lancaster PA! Lancaster is my hometown! We got up extra early and packed the car with juices and snacks! I could have brought my kids to the camp if needbe but I figured it would be too young for them and they enjoyed the morning with my cousin Mark!

I really enjoyed talking to the children about my blog, how I started, my goals for the future as well as the pitfalls of social media!

We also spent the afternoon at my grandparents house! The kids rode their scooters for hours and my grandparents of course fed them and gave them snacks while the kids taught them new songs!


We spent Friday relaxing and watching movies! It was well deserved as we didn’t get back from Lancaster until 9pm!

This week we will go to Barnes and Nobles to obtain theie Summer book reward as well as the library! My youngest and middle child already finished their mandatory book reports for school! They are still reading 4-5 books a week! The oldest is just about done with her report and continues to read for leisure!


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