Sunday Message: Self Care Must Haves

I’m noticing that with all the crazy that life throws and the way this world is the only solace is making your own! You can’t get through this life without finding your own peace! If you think you can conquer bad days, depression, bad moods, crazy co workers, hectic lifestyles, or family without a self care plan something is wrong!

You need as much time to gather your thoughts as possible! As much as you would say you don’t have time or you don’t like to put in time for yourself if you don’t it will cost you! I know we live in making every second count but a few of those seconds have to be put back into your own self maintenance! How you build yourself up matters!

Here are my self care must haves! They change as my immediate needs changes. I’m the type that can enjoy an amazing dish, a magazine, a facial, flowers, whatever it takes to get in zen!

Physical activity

This is one is my go tos! Sometimes the stress is laid down on the ground as I run! I pray while I run! I sort my life out when I run! I cry when I run! Sometimes the tears or for the push of it all or often times it’s just the good cleansing tears that I need to help my soul release a few things! Sometimes running is about releasing anger or tension. Either way it’s self care! It’s therapy! It’s life!

A walk outside

Different from a run it’s just to get a little fresh air or a little sun! Being outside even for a little bit of time is refreshing. I do it often if at work to get away from coworkers or to gather my thoughts so I can go back in and perform! Either way I enjoy being outside! It’s great to people watch. I sometimes read my book. I write in my journal! I might walk and grab my favorite beverage instead of driving! Its a way to bring a few minutes of calm and breaks up my day!

Special Beverage or Dish

Having a great relationship with food has allowed me to enjoy them as self care. Sometimes a trip to my favorite coffee shop is great. Sometimes a new recipe or treat I’ve seen on social media does it too. Social media isn’t all bad! It’s a great place to see new dishes I haven’t yet tried! Once or twice a month I grab one of those dishes and it feels good. It’s warm! It’s welcoming! It’s peace and feels good to my belly!


I love them! I try to get them weekly! I think they are the best! I went to the sunflower patch yesterday and my whole day was made. However I just got flowers a few days before so I’m starting my weeks off right! Instead of waiting for my husband to get them (and he does sometimes) getting them for me makes me feel special! They make me feel warm! They put a smile on my face. They make me glow! They are beautiful. They smell great!

A Nap

I don’t get one often but I had the best nap last Sunday and it did my week well! I felt energized! I wasn’t sleepy for the rest of the week! I didn’t have guilt about what didn’t get done! I didn’t care about a long list of to do! I just wanted to rest. I needed to rest. My body needed to replenish! Sometimes a little rest can solve a lot. It might not pay the bills but it can help to pay the bills if you’re rested! Don’t be afraid to get some rest!

Book or Magazine

I don’t always get that sit down and read moment but every time I can I take it! I keep a book in my purse at all times! This way I can read when the moment comes! I can enjoy and get lost in another world! Books make you forget about your world even for a second! I am planning on a magazine catch up! This is when I pour me something to drink (doesn’t always mean adult drinks) and read the magazines that has piled up!

15 minute Reset

As much as I love going to a spa or a massage! I also know the way my life is set up that isn’t always achievable! Sometimes a 15 minute reset where I literally get myself together is all that I have! I hear all the time how do I do it all? And I live by my 15 minute resets! I do whatever is necessary and time it! I know that within those 15 minutes life is going to happen! However 15 minutes gathers me and I take it! 15 minute isn’t a lot of time but it is enough to help me realign! It’s like an adult time out! It works for kids and more adults need to take it too!

Fun places

I love that with blogging I get invited to some pretty amazing places. I love it! I often go to these places again on my own and sometimes on my own meaning no other adult interaction because I love solitude! Now it’s important to note that when I get to these fun places that there are others there but sometimes not taking another adult with me is necessary too! So I intentionally go back to blog places to experience them outside of a blog moment!

Self Care is necessary on all fronts! I talk about it often! That’s not going to change any time soon. Why? We all need it. It doesn’t matter what lifestyle you have you need self care! So today is the perfect excuse to practice it! It should be something you do daily! Finding your center and peace even when all Hell is breaking loose is necessary!! So what will you do today? Do it well! Happy Sunday!!

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