Diner En Blanc 2019

I have never been to Diner En Blanc. I was prepared to lug all of the fixings to enjoy this all white dinner and party. I was ready until Sofitel Philadelphia changed my life.

From talking to many past DEB (Diner En Blanc~ Philly) participants I did my due diligence to be sure that one I had my white. I had a heel and a sneaker or other type of flat shoe and that I came prepared for any and everything! However going the Sofitel Way has me spoiled. From the pre-party, DEB event, and after party hands down it was one of the most elegant events I’ve attended in such a long time. So let me break it down for you! Let me shout out my forever date for the evening; none other than my husband Marques!

Yes that’s him with none other Alex!!


This was held at of course Sofitel Philadelphia! As an avid ToiTime reader you know any time I go to the Sofitel they are the leaders of the French Way when it comes to elegance and how they treat every last patron! From the doormen to the host and everyone in-between you are greeted! Every staff is hands on and it’s never an that’s not my job in how they take care of you! The pre-party was handled in the same elegant fashion. We were greeted with glasses of endless champagne and hors d’oeuvres! It was a great time to mingle and meet those who we would be sharing the evening with! I met so many new wonderful friends!

On our way

Now that the champagne was hitting it was time to meet our fearless table leader Kaye! She is one of the most energetic person I’ve ever met. She is a DEB enthusiast. She has been to a total of 53 DEB from all around the world. You can tell that she really enjoys what she does! She lead us on to our trolley ride to the location….Boat House Row!

The ride was amazing. We could see the event as we were on our way. Having more champagne to drink on the way was nice too! Two trolleys full of excited new friends made for such a suspenseful anticipation!! With it being my first I was well aware that most do not have wheels such as the trolley to get them to the announced location however when you go the Sofitel Way they make sure you are taken care of from the time you arrive until you depart!

Let’s Dine Together

Once at our location it was time to get seated and begin dinner. Let me just say that we were there before the sun went down and it was a spectacular view! Shout out to Feast your Eyes Catering for providing the most amazing meal! Also Chauteau Ste. Michelle Winery for such an amazing flow of wine! My favorite was the Rosé! Look at the views!

As it was time to eat the sun set and darkness came but it was beautiful amongst the candles and lighting!

Let’s Eat

No one could have possibly walked away hungry! But now it was time to continue mingling, dancing and of course party!

There was even an engagement at our Sofitel table! It was beautiful!

One of the best parts outside of the napkin wave is the sparklers! You will have to check out my Instagram for the live sparkler presentation!

It’s like the most elegant dinner and party that is filled with the most multicultural and beautiful souls you will ever encounter. Oh and Philadelphia is the largest in the country this year hitting 6000 patrons! That’s a lot of amazing people coming together in white to have a unique pop up dinner! The secrecy of the location always is one of the best part of the experience. I saw nothing but love! I loved the beautiful outfits and creativity!

Sofitel set the bar soooo high in elegance! They gave us an amazing experience but….it wasn’t over…….

After Party

We were treated to an amazing after party. Between more drinks, macaroons and an amazing DJ; the fun kept on going. Also it did rain but it didn’t phase us one bit! Sofitel provided us with wonderful white umbrellas in our swag bag!!!

So next time you see Sofitel advertise the experience don’t wait! The benefit of the Sofitel Way is transportation to and from event, provided food and drinks, pre set place settings, pre-party, and after party! With all of that you will never want to do DEB and other way! I know I won’t!!

Thanks to all who worked behind the scenes leading up to the DEB and after! I can’t imagine the logistics it takes to make this happen for so many people! Thank you to all staff at Sofitel Philadelphia and DEB international for this amazing time! Thank you Aversa PR! Thank you Kaye (Kayeskrew) for being an amazing leader! Good Luck on Saturday as you head to DC! Thank you to my new friends who made the time amazing! So many new faces and love given to all! Thanks to my husband for being my forever date! It takes a lot of manpower to go to a large event from outfits, sitter (shout out to Thalia and Tierra) Uber rides, and dealing with my stress before and during!

My first DEB was a complete and total success!! I saw so many friends and their pictures say the same thing; it’s a wonderful event and it’s truly an event to not be missed going forward!!

4 thoughts on “Diner En Blanc 2019

  1. It looks like the two of you had an amazing night. Who knew an all white party could be such an adventure! Now I’ll have to keep an eye out for one in Houston!


  2. OMG! I think you are going to make me try the Sofitel package now!! (I’m doing DEBLA this year)

    Looks like you all had a great time !!

    Thanks for sharing


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