Day 2 of Self-Care September 2019

Today was a good day! I started the day out by praying. I had a lot of quiet this morning by getting up before my family to prepare the day. I also was able to do some yoga stretches and enjoy my cup of coffee.

The rest of the day I was super mindful of what I needed to do as well as what I wanted to do. Today I was able to have them work together but there are many days when that doesn’t happen. I had a long list of to dos! One of the to dos was to be clear when I spoke! I didn’t want anything to be done today that wasn’t intentional. So I was selective in being on social media. I wasn’t on it as much! I wasn’t checking every few minutes and I was still productive.

I purposefully didn’t answer some text messages back. I prioritized text importance. I also didn’t take all calls today. I let a few folks go to voicemail. Lord willing I will check back in tomorrow. It felt good to be able to not feel such a sense of urgency. Today being Labor Day didn’t sway me to feel the need to find something to do. I just wanted to get done and enjoy the peace of the day!

Also I was able to end the day at Saxbys. As much as I love wine; I also love coffee. Today I had a matcha drink that was divine. It’s called #Bigmood and it was sweet and made with almond milk, matcha, butterfly blossom tea, and sweet raspberry greatness! I wanted the drink and I knew Saxbys always has me covered! Also can I take a moment to thank the barista who was patient with me as I hadn’t updated my debit card in the app she just simply waited until I did. No huffing and puffing and rolling of the eyes-just simple patience!!!!

So for all of my to dos-reflective thought process as well as centering myself started my Self-Care September into high gear!


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