Tuesday-Monday Motivation!

Today is the Monday after Labor Day! Most kids are back to school today! Blessings for an amazing year! My kids have later this week to go back! With that in mind traffic is a mess, folks have bad attitudes, the rudeness is at an all time high!

Take a deep breath. I’ve already had to do that this morning. Learning to maintain my cool regardless of others is a skill set. If you find you are failing it most days or moments than it’s up to you to work at it. One way is to be proactive and not reactive. This means compensate for others lack. It’s annoying but necessary. I do this often so when the time comes to turn up with a person I can do it for the right reasons.

Be prepared. You already know how the morning will be. Prepare for it! Make sure you all have things together to take the edge off of your day! The days that I’m the most unprepared is when I draw in more crazy. Cut some of it out by doing your part!

Take mental breaks. I sometimes can zone out but you can do it for a purpose. Sometimes I have take a moment to not go off or be in an aggressive state. It helps me to be able to bring myself back into subjection! It’s worth it trust me! Sometimes folks and things don’t be worth the drama.

Whatever you need today be clear in how to get it. If you are bummed out find out your why and ask yourself what do you really need to happen. Sometimes unrealistic expectations is the cause of some of the issues! Being aligned with what should or could happen can help push you through to where you really need to be!

Crush your day! Yes long weekends even if you didn’t have any thing on your plate is hard to come back to reality! However if you reset your mind you can make it through any challenge! Go and make your day that much better even if it started on the wrong foot…..


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