Day 3 of Self Care September

Like I said I’m giving you a daily blog showcasing my day. I had someone send me a message asking why is the day delayed. It’s delayed so I give you the full day. I thought that was clear but apparently it wasn’t! So each day will be blogged the next day to give a full day! I hope that makes it clear!

Any who! Yesterday was my niece’s first day of preschool. Making sure she was already to go was everything. Right now I’m helping my sister navigate through her health! With that in mind it was so special to watch my niece run off and start her day. I also had to get my own kids ready for their first day which I’ll talk about tomorrow.

Shout out to @natural.not.nappy who always gets my oldest hair slayed and ready for 5th grade! Also it wasn’t even just about getting her hair done it was great to be able to just vent and speak openly about what’s been happening these days! Also it’s never too early for adult juice! Thank you girl and (her husband K) for that compression moment!

Let me also mention I had a run in with someone who I had a run in years ago. However I felt the first time I had words I allowed them to step a line and this time it was a straight nope!! There will be no habitual line stepping this time around. I’m all for being accountable for my actions but I can be accountable and still speak authentically to people. I think I have tried to tone down my “get back” so far to not go off on folks that I’ve allowed folks too much leverage! Balance is key so there’s going to be pop off moments and moments of calm.

Next up it was time for my son to get his cut. He was so ready and excited!

It was a busy day! Between my niece, my kids hair and back to the hospital to visit my twin I’m surprised I didn’t fall asleep right away! I ended up going to bed late because as a mom I had to label supplies, clean up, eat my own dinner separately, clean the house and I decided to relax by finding a new series on Netflix. I wanted to work out but I will take care of that today!

I had so many moments of frustration but trying to mask it until I had some quiet time to deal with it. I took note of every time I couldn’t let something go. I kept track of every time I found my voice escalating. I wanted to be clear that I didn’t just want to just get through the day but deal with my feelings. Even in the two disagreements (yup another one closer to the evening) I wanted to be sure that I understood what was my role and why. What did I want to get accomplished? I made a list while I watched Styling Hollywood!

So highs and lows and more understanding while I go through daily triggers. I’m hoping to be more aware of them to address them before they become an issue.

Also aren’t these cookies for our kids teacher gifts cute? Made by crystals_creations_!


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