Day 6 Self Care September Challenge

Today was a long day. I lost my driver’s license about 2 weeks ago. I did all I could to find it. Tore my house up from top and bottom to no avail. Just thinking about going to the DMV just makes my eye twitch. So I get into my car after dropping off the kids and go to the DMV but I go to the location it was before but it had been moved! Ugh!!!

I finally get to the new location which wasn’t super far and I walk in and it’s full and busy! What did I expect? It was a Friday?! I took a deep breath and was expecting the worst but nope! It was a 20 minute in and out. I was impressed. Now that it’s moved they have 20 counters and most of them were full. This was amazing. I ain’t got no complaints except that I had to pay almost 31 dollars but hey I needed it for my Saturday race!

Friday between work etc. I had to get ready for my Saturday race! To my surprise my new Fitbit came! I wasn’t expecting it to come but I was happy to be able to have it in time. This one is a bit of an upgrade and it’s water proof. I had my previous one for over 2 years and it was starting to glitch! I’m becoming that Run nerd who loves new gadgets!

Today self care was being content even when things got sticky! Enjoying my new Fitbit and being about my health in all things! I want to be the one who makes sure I am here as much as I possibly can for my future and my family! Also can I be grateful for great food. Not having to worry about dinners in the next couple of days…..was magical!

So let’s keep thinking about how our minds are moving or our anxiety is rising. It’s important to be about our mental health daily. Remember daily self care is above all things!

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