Monday Motivation: How many times?

Mondays are Mondays. It’s time to reset for another week. How do you reset when you feel like you’re in constant failure mode?! It’s frustrating. You know you are supposed to keep moving but that’s easier said than done.

Failed plans feel personal. They feel like the control you were supposed to have slipped. It can be traumatic. Think about the kids in high school as they graduate. All of their friends are off to college and if you as a student didn’t get into college, had a hard time adjusting to the requirements of college, etc. it feels like everyone is passing you by!

No one wants to fail! We all want to succeed. It’s the pathway to success that brings about all kinds of emotions and trials! Waking up and feeling the pain of your failure is sometimes debilitating. This is why some people walk with the look of defeat in their face. It’s tragic but it doesn’t have to be the end of your story. If you allow it to be it can take over any potential you have inside of you. It’s waiting for you to get pass this moment to produce your greatest accomplishments. You are prolonging your next steps.

One of the things you can do to get pass that pit in your stomach of the “I’ve blown it” moment is to accept the failure. Trying to act like it didn’t happen makes it hard to work through. Own it!! It’s your story and it’s only a chapter! It’s up to you how many chapters it gets! How long will the sting last? You don’t have to beat yourself up daily. Nothing will change what you did, what you loss, who left, or how much it cost but you can learn from it. You can grow from it. You can move pass it. You can change your own narrative.

Today it’s okay to feel bummed out about failure just don’t let it control you to the point where you can’t get up and shake yourself!!

Pick yourself up and try! You got this!!


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