Day 11 Self Care September Challenge

I spent most of the day reflecting on September 11th! I spent the day remembering the fear that I felt when the Towers collapsed. Thinking about the families and friends who wake up in more pain from that tragic event I can’t begin to imagine.

I also did a lot of running around to prepare for my son and niece’s birthday as they celebrate on the same day. I also was able to get a lot of rest! I can’t tell you how much that felt. I haven’t had a long nap in a long time due to life. Like who has time to sleep? I am grateful for rest. Like no internet, no social media, no kids, no sister responsibilities with my twin just pure uninterrupted sleep! I know the next couple of days as I prepare for the Blogher conference is going to be very necessary!! This momma energy levels have been on another level!!

This week’s goal is to get packed for the trip, I have a lot of events this weekend and leading up to the actual trip!


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