Day 12 of the Self Care September Challenge

Today was all about celebrating my son and niece birthday. They have the same birthday 4 years apart. Being that my twin and I are in fact twins it seems so crazy that we have kids who are at least born on the same day and yet neither of us have birthed twins!

I love making my kids and my nieces (I have a total of 3 nieces) day’s special. Anything to make kids smile is always my top goal. People think that you have to do a whole lot but the reality is you have to make them feel like their day is their day! I’m not going to lie since my niece is now with me while my sister recovers I wasn’t sure how we were gonna pull it off. Normally we do one celebration at a time.

I found that they did well. We made sure each child had their own cakes, their own gifts, an abundance of love and they loved physically sharing their days. I was relieved. I’m a twin and I love her but sharing days can be tough for kids to grasp.

It felt amazing to be able to love on them individually and collectively. I pray they always have amazing days not just on birthdays but all the time. While my sister recovers, it’s been a joy showering both my sister and niece with that they have needed.

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