Day 14 Self Care September Challenge

Today I went to pick up my son’s birthday cake from Domestic Goddess Bake Shop! Even in the years that we don’t do a party for each child we still make sure that we have something special just for them! She surpassed my expectations! My son is a Spider-Man super fan! She kept to the theme and I wanted to focus on the webs! She did a great job!

When I walked in the house and he saw it he lost it! He had no idea I was getting him a cake! One thing about being a mom is being able to see the smiles on my kids face.

The Make Up Date

So I was alerted to an event at King of Prussia Bloomingdales! It was a make up event and it was everything I didn’t know what I needed. I think next year I will invite a few friends. I loved it! I loved the way we were treated. We were greeted by Prosecco and mixed drinks! Talk about a way to start the day!

Also they had pastries of all sorts available! I thoroughly enjoyed it! My first stop was to get a prize out of the makeup gift vending machine. After that my eyebrows needed threaded! The way I was looking Lawd a mercy!!

Shout out to Callen Hunter who answered the call of these wayward brows!! Check her out if you are in or near the Philly area! She hands down did an amazing job!!

We had a little issue in line. One of the patrons decided to jump the line. It wasn’t funny but funny because the young ladies I met and had quickly befriended got her altogether. I found out she was the mother of the make up artist, Kelli who slayed and beat my face. We will come back to that in a minute. You ever meet someone who just makes you feel so warm?! That’s what Kelli’s mom made me feel!

Next stop was to get my lashes done by Fifty Two Cosmetics! These young ladies are doing it big and not just with their lashes! They were sweet and answered my questions and they were so good they were moving through that line!

I had one personal goal and that was to buy a new foundation. I wanted it from Bobbi Brown and their long wear full coverage smelled good and did what I needed! It was light and refreshing! I bought it after Kelli whipped me into shape!

Can we take a moment to say yasss to the back drop by slays display!!! Who doesn’t loce a good clean Instagram background?

I was tired but headed to Evil Genius 8th birthday block party! Penn State was playing!! We Are!! They won by the way!!!! Anyway I had their “The Gang turns 8!” It was really good! Evil Genius is known for silly names but serious drinks! I saw ace throwing games, fried icecream, and good fun!!

I had a full day! The thing I paid attention was having fun! I needed this fill day to myself! Sometimes self care looks like having a day. I combined my love of being dolled up, blogging events, drinks, and solitude into one full scoop!

What are your go today? What makes you feel full, honored, and whole? Do that and do it often!!


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