Day 15 Self Care September Challenge

So on today it was all about the Burger Brawl. I was asked to be a judge for the competition and I was nervous. This was my first Burger Brawl which is about 60 restaurants that compete for best burger. They are judged on presentation, taste, and quality. It seemed simple enough but again not knowing that to expect always causes a place of anxiety for me.

Once there I became more at ease and let my guard down and it was a lot of fun!! From the amazing drinks to the variety of burgers I loved it! The event was sponsored by Jim Beam!

Jim Beam had a garden and of course at least 5 different samples to try at every corner of the Garden! They also had a Cut Throat Cocktail competition!

In addition to the drinks were of course the burgers. There was a burger for everyone! From vegan burgers to burgers with seafood there was a little something for every palette!

The judges choice winner was from Lucky’s Last Chance and their Pickle Monster with several pickle choices and even a pickle chip!

The winner for people’s choice was Bainbridge Barrel House! Look at this beauty:

So overall I took my family who had a great time! In addition to family fun I loved spending time with some amazing talent in the city! I learned a lot about several restaurants I had never eaten! I plan to go and have a sit down meal with several of them soon!

Today’s self care dos:

  • Having to take Deep breaths
  • Calming myself down by tapping method
  • Relaxing once comfortable and enjoying my time
  • Not being so rigid

What do you do when you’re in your day and unexpected events flow into your life? Find peace even in the midst of chaos!! One thing I do is take a big crowd-there were over 3900 participants and make it small. I’ve been known to walk to the side and gather myself and then enter back into the crowds! It’s what I do because sometimes crowds can be intimidating. I should be used to it at this point but there are times when it can be too much! It’s okay if you too experience this as well!!


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