Day 16 Self Care September Challenge

Today was all about my twin. Taking her into the doctors to be super sure she was healing accordingly. These last few weeks since her emergency surgery has been full of ups and downs. Trying to manage life, the house, her daughter, her and her medical needs it I’m honest has been one of the most demanding things to date! However I would do it all over again if necessary. Nothing in this world brings me more joy than helping family.

Seeing her progress has been nothing but great! She’s pushing through faster than expected! I’m grateful for that. The day that we took her into the hospital I wasn’t expecting such a traumatic experience. I did everything I could to manage my emotions at least in front of her. I didn’t want her to know how scared I was. Although folks think we aren’t close that’s the furthest thing. We are in constant communication. I know things before most and we are connected. I never want to see her or my brother in any pain. I’ve always been super protective of my siblings especially my twin!

As she gets better I hope that she continues to take care of her health. Although the issue might have occurred without intervention I would hope that we we are about to enter a new season of life that we would keep our health top notch. Our health is really our wealth! Without it we simply can’t do a thing! Make your appointments for everything that needs checked: vision, dental, hearing, mental health, and for my ladies gynecological, and physicals! It’s important for us to be well rounded.

Later in the day I was able to have an adult moment and go to dinner with my girl Cherryl! We had an amazing time at Cuba Libre! They are celebrating Center City Restaurant Week here in Philly. For $35 you get a 3 course full sized portion meal! They also have two speciality drinks that are only available during Restaurant Week called the Haku-Tini and the Agave Old Fashioned!

End the night with Tres Leches! The ONLY night this special isn’t available is Saturday September 21st! Other than that come out and explore the goodness that is Cuba Libre!!

Today’s self care push is knowing it’s okay to be scared! I was scared out of my mind when she had surgery. I was scared for her recovery process. I’ve seen my sister go through some things but this by far had to be the hardest! I’m grateful for my village who helped keep me grounded, helping in any way, or just brought me a glass of wine!


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