Day 17 Self Care September Challenge

Today I dedicated to taking time for me! I needed to prepare for Blogher Conference. I wanted to let my space be truly about me. I’ve been taking care of everyone else and for once I needed the day before to just have some me time.

I started my mornings at on of my favs: Saxbys! By now you should know I’m a little addicted to their matcha drink called Bib Mood. Anytime I can get it I do! Let me point out a few things. Today there was a company meeting and about 90% of the tables were taken. My barista made sure that she not only took her time with my order but she asked me how I was doing! I think it hit me. It’s been crazy and this time out was necessary. I let it be known to those around me that I would not be taking calls outside of true emergencies, no cleaning, no nothing that wasn’t about me! It felt amazing!

I also did another trip to Target. How about I even used the drive up method and still took myself to Target for a Target run! I also needed to go and do a little shopping as well! I wanted to be sure I had some little trinkets that I needed for the conference!

I also enjoyed one of my absolute favorite things to do as that is play with spa masks!! Today’s mask was by Soap and Glory

I was able to finish packing! I was able to relax! I was able to feel accomplished! I think I need to do this more often giving my family a no can do day or even a few hours!


2 thoughts on “Day 17 Self Care September Challenge

    • I would say just do it but I would for you ask hubby for a certain amount of time and instead of just winging it schedule an activity. Like make a hair appt, make a nail appt something where you have to be somewhere to be would work.


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