Pod Brooklyn

So before I break down my time at the Blogher conference I wanted to do a review on the Pod Brooklyn where I stayed. Pod Brooklyn or any of the Pod Hotels is not your average hotel chain.

They are about condensing and eliminating waste. It’s like a capsule of a hotel without all of the extras you think you may need. To me it felt like an upgraded college dorm with limited spacing. As much as I thought in my head it would be an issue I was wrong. I chose this hotel for 3 reasons: it was less than 10 minutes from the Blogher venue, the reviews were great, and it had a rooftop bar! Say what you will but if I was spending some mommy free time I had my priorities in order. Did it make my cut?

I loved it! I enjoyed the staff who greeted me with a smile as soon as I walked in. I was expecting the hotel to be off to itself on a property but it was within the block along with other businesses. I was in New York so for location it definitely fit!

Off to my room I went and I kept my expectations to a minimal! When I walked in initially it looked like a regular room. I was stunned when I went to the bathroom and that’s when you could see the Pod like room. The bathroom stall was also located inside of the shower. I kind of grew a little frown. For spacing it’s genius but it was different.

FYI by the time I went to actually use the bathroom not one issue arose. I’m not gonna lie and act like it wasn’t weird seeing the toilet all wet up while I showered but it was not a thumbs down for me.

The room was smaller by volume but not by quality of sleep. I don’t know if it was a mix or not having my family with me, the long conference day, or the amazing food I had but I got the best sleep I hadn’t had in a long time. If I hadn’t had to get back for events I would have booked another day! Seriously my sleep was soooo comfortable.

Let’s talk views! The Pod hotel has great views. I was in the D Pod on the 3rd floor and I loved how each section was set! I also enjoyed with all of the amazing lighting!

The food at the Pod Brooklyn was provided by Clinton Hall which was adjacent to the hotel. I can’t express enough how good the food was. Service was great and the drinks were great. Expect New York pricing-I think I had forgotten that part of my trip somehow. I have zero complaints!!

Crispy Cauliflower Taco-can they just mail me some?!

Garden Burger ALT with avocado, lettuce, tomato, and their CH (Clinton Hall) sauce

They have a happy hour that’s from 11-7!!! I got there a little after 1 and needed that red wine before the conference. It took the edge off! The only down side to Clinton Hall was for breakfast the pastries and fruit that they advertised they barely had. They had no pastries to be honest. If I hadn’t been on my way to the conference where they were serving us food that would have been a deal breaker. I would say they need to focus on having stock

All guests receive 15% and you know I’m here for some coins to be saved!

Now the rooftop bar is so nice. My only issue is that it was freezing! It’s a breathtaking view but me and cold don’t get along. The bartenders were amazing and fun. I did eventually take my food back to my room!

If and I hope I soon visit another Pod Hotel especially the one here in Philly that just opened to compare. As much stress that has been going on I could use a staycation! I would jump at the opportunity wherever I travel to stay at a Pod Hotel. Consider them when you’re booking. They also have family Pod rooms which look to be super cute and fun for my family or yours!

Pod Brooklyn went above and beyond to do one major thing and that was to keep customers happy! Even if I hadn’t liked the rooms or the concept having great customer service goes a long way! When I checked out they held my bags so I could explore. The parking attendants were great too. Although the parking is around the corner a few feet from the hotel and not fully associated with them, it still was a great experience!


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