An Act of God

Lord we thank you for waking us up this morning and now we ask that you bless those who see this that they would have a sense of humor…

That being said let me preface that some folks seeing An Act of God will laugh some serious laughs while having the time of their lives. Others will be so irritated and that’s life right! I watched how up and down the opinions were. One thing you can’t say is that you were bored or that you didn’t have a good time. It was a great night!

I enjoyed watching Kim Wayans in all of her glory play God. No one can do it like she does! She’s hilarious just as we would expect her to be. I am a people watcher and nothing gave me more comedic relief as watching others enjoy. I also loved watching people miss some of the comedic cues as well. Some didn’t even get Kim Wayans’ throwback to Ms. Jenkins. I laughed even harder as those around me and my husband said they didn’t get the reference and we were dying from pure laughter. Once I have to explain a joke it loses its funny so I tried to just give the ones around me the look and chuckle.

I also enjoyed watching Benjamin Brown playing Michael the angel. His charismatic personality really shined. Got to also give it up to Peter DeLaurier who played an exceptional Gabriel. I heard some reference An Act of God as a one woman show. It wasn’t. Kim’s natural comedic timing was also played off the energy of her co-stars! The whole play gets a thumbs up from me. Taking some of the things we think of when we think of God and finding a way to be timely and relevant to today’s top pressing issues was a great way to have a Saturday night!

You will learn new commandments and enjoy answering some of the questions of how we all came to be…. where are we headed…

Be sure to come prepared and come with an open mind. If you leave your pretenses behind you might find that it’s ok to laugh a little or maybe a lot. Oh and if you think you’re just going to sit and watch you’re wrong! The show is interactive.

You can catch An Act of God until October 13th! Do not miss this production. God is not lost she’s been found in Kim Wayans! Get your tickets here!

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