Day 20 and 21 September Self Care Challenge

On day 20 which was the day after the Blogher conference I was exhausted. Between the sessions and the travel and all of the happiness of winning the grand prize I was beyond tired. In Toi true fashion I still managed to clean the house, get my twin together, and eventually relaxed. What a day if I’m honest. I think I realized that all of the anxiety of getting to the conference and not even knowing if I would be able to attend due to my twin needing me since her emergency surgery I was just glad to be done!

Day 21

I spent most of the morning with my oldest. She had a Girl Scours expo. It was a lot of fun. We started the morning off with breakfast together and a little Beyoncé. We had a blast at the expo. I stood back just watching her in her own element. IRS the one place that I don’t have to encourage her to be herself, have fun, or participate. She really loves all things Girl Scouts. I’m grateful for her leadership.

After which I enjoyed the one thing I needed most-sleep! Yes I took the longest nap. I didn’t attempt to clean. I didn’t attempt to cook. I simply slept. I needed the rest. My cat thought he needed to crash but I didn’t care. It was all about sleep for me.

My husband and I went to see “An act of God” starting Kim Wayans. It was so good. You can catch my review here!

I ended the night eating some amazing tacos and drinks at El Camino Real! I love their service as well as their ability to get an order correctly. I am a mix type lady which means you could have 3 drink specials I want to find a way to blend them!

Passion fruit and pineapple frozen

Today’s self care lesson:

Rome wasn’t built in a day-it’s ok to let a few things slide!

It’s ok to rest! Everything will be waiting after the rest.


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