Day 22 and Day 23 Self Care September Challenge

I needed to relax. I spent some much needed down time. I watched the Eagles play but sadly they lost; but it’s all good! I was so excited to just be in pjs all day and clean my house. I think well I know that I am a bit compulsive with organizing but that’s just me! I’m okay with that. My husband had a whole day to himself and I was able to focus on preparing for the week. Oh and I got an amazing workout in too!

Day 23

Yes it’s the First Day of Fall! I couldn’t wait! The fact that it’s still giving me Summer vibes but it’s Fall makes me the happiest. To celebrate I treated myself to a new orange bouquet of flowers! I love flowers and if you have been following me you know how often I get them. I think weekly flowers are just the thing that perks up my week! Also I know in the Fall I do a LOT of theatre events! I love it! I love seeing hard and dedicated men and women show their craft!

Oh and I was given new bath bombs from Vagisil so later that night I had an amazing bath with a great bottle of wine! I didn’t drink the whole bottle but I definitely allowed myself some reset moments. I’m trying to keep the spirit of balance in my life. From working hard, blogging with intention, taking care of my family, having time with my husband and of course taking care of Toi!

What do you do to put light and love back into your life and soul? Do them daily! Do them often. Do them intentionally with purpose!


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