Day 24 Making Breakfast Count

So I’m in love with food. It’s one of the things I love to do is review places that I eat and report back to you if it’s a go or a no go. Listen I have 3 kids and a life and one thing I don’t have time to do is waste my coins on food and drink that isn’t tasty!

I had an experience of sorts on Tuesday morning! I decided to eat at Bryn + Dane’s. This new good for you fast food is what the city needs! I absolutely loved it. It has the appeal of what a millennial would love, spacious seating for this busy mom and blogger on the go loves, and the food selections were priced right with a lot of options! I wasn’t disappointed to say the least.

So as you know I go by a few criteria when dining even in a to go spot:


It’s beautiful in there. The location I visited was the center city location. The only issue is parking but it’s to be expected with being in Center City. If you work or in Center City you will be blessed. The location is 834 Chestnut Street! There is some construction but the location is very much open!


The staff even though it was early was extremely pleasant but not that type of forced let me get you in and out type pleasant! I was pleasantly impressed. It had to be the 3rd time around the block to find parking but I was determined to visit!


Of course the food has to be good. It didn’t take long but it took a little minute because again the food is made to order. If you compare it to another major fast food restaurant I would say it’s about the same wait time with fresher food. Everything is prepared to order. I ordered the banana bowl with pineapple, strawberries, and blueberries. You could get it with açaí I went with the banana. Now for other competitors that sell the same type of offerings this one was better. It was delicious!

I would give this location a thumbs up! I’m curious and will be trying their lunch and dinner options and their smoothies that have no added sugars or sweeteners. Once I try these options I will give my all the ways thumbs up or down if they can become your one stop shop in the food eating industry! They have 4 other locations. I want to try to visit the other locations leaving Center City as my at work option only!

So give it a try! They have açaí, pumpkin bowls, wraps, Just (eggs) products for my vegan friends, it’s a mix of amazing items including smoothies, etc! There’s something for everyone in your tribe!


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