Day 25 Self Care September Challenge

Today I took some time to reflect. We had a death in our family and seeing my family and just how somber it was made me take time out to reflect a bit. What type of life have I been living? What do I want people to say about me? Those are the things that I want to work harder in living well before it’s my time!

Outside of working I began to work on my weekend plans. I have quite a few things going on and I needed to be sure I was where I needed to be. Also today I took some time to journal. I don’t always make the time to do so. I do keep a journal on me at times but to sit all curled up and really put my thoughts to paper is always relaxing for me no matter what bad or good I need to get out! It’s always a good thing to take care of my thoughts. Organizing my thoughts is a form of self care. I also look back and read my old blogs. Can you believe I have a lot of my journals from Junior High and beyond?! I like to see growth. I want to see the struggles I’ve had the years previous. I also want to see what I might still be dealing with that I haven’t gotten past as well. Those times I used to get all upset but now I know it happens and to adjust!

I really could take my journal and turn it into a book. Just an idea but I am going to see how I can make it into reality! We shall see!

Today’s self care was all about my journal. Writing and reflecting and slowing down!

I encourage all to get a journal book and put your thoughts to pen and paper. You don’t have to buy an official journal book. I prefer hard bound books. You can grab one from the Dollar Store, Five Below or my favorite Barnes and Nobles! Get you one and commit to writing in it more. Often times I write in it before I talk to someone about an issue. I want to work through my own feelings.


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