Day 26 Self Care September Challenge

Today was all about planning. I have a few events coming up in October. So I am making sure that I have all that I need. I did some grocery shopping because these kids eat like they don’t care. Either way work and running around is what I do.

I know all moms and women in general can account how just the day can become. You start out with a to do list and before you know it the list is a thousand percent off the charts. With that in mind I just barreled through and tried my best to accommodate all of the winds and turns that came about today. It took a lot of deep breaths and keeping a clear head.

I did however got a chance to get my nails done. It was the only thing I could do for myself that wasn’t about putting things into my house or for someone else. I was so grateful for the little me time even if right after came a lot of running around. The day definitely came and went and I couldn’t believe all that I was able to accomplish!

These fall inspired nails I got the idea from Pinterest. Now a little known secret with my nails I know in Fall and Winter we tend to go darker nails. I do what I want. Most of the times I keep my nails with some form of yellow due to the fact that I use my hands so much and I want to look at my nails and turn my day around! So I am that person with yellow in the dead of Winter! I don’t follow rules I follow inspiration!

Ladies do you follow the seasonal changes of nails? Do you follow to what inspires you? Do you take the time out for yourself to keep your upkeep? How often do you go to a nail salon or to a hair salon?


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